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Weight Loss Tips Whatever Your Age

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It is common that people put on a little weight in their 20s due to a number of factors. One of these reasons is having a busy social calendar.

When you’re constantly going out to eat with your friends or planning nights out, your diet is often based on ease and speed rather than nutrition.

So, it would be a good idea to learn a few basic meal planning strategies or quick healthy meals that you know you love to minimize your food prep time and maximize your nutrient rich foods that keep you lean and boost your energy even when you’re on the go.

It is also important to get at least three workouts a week.

The Freeletics app can plan your training, suited to your fitness levels and can be organised to fit around your social life. 


Serve food your whole will family love 

Your thirties are usually the time you start to settle down, start a family and have children.

With this often comes picking food off your children’s plates, like chips and processed foods that they love. To avoid this, try cooking healthy balanced meal including a mix of protein, carbs and veg healthy meals that everyone loves.

This may be a case of trial and error, especially if you’re children are picky eaters (they may prefer some veg to others, it’s about finding the right mix) but it’ll benefit you all for the better.

Due to limited time with children and family, walk to school when you can rather than driving. 


Be cautious of alcohol 

As we get older alcohol tends to become more frequent addition to our diet, i.e. having a glass of wine with dinner, but alcohol can be tricky.

Whilst drinking in control and moderation can often have positive effects on weight management, there is a fine line. Moderate consumption of alcohol equates to one drink a day, if you’re drinking much more than that there are a few issues that can arise.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and stimulates appetite, this means that you may end up eating more without realising. Alcohol can also disrupt sleep which is essential to metabolism, weight management, and belly fat accumulation.

Cutting out alcohol may not always be realistic, so just make sure to either cut back gradually or limit alcohol to weekends only.

You may become less motivated to exercise as you get older, but the Freeletics app has a community that will motivate and encourage you to get in some form of daily exercises, whether it be a full blown HIIT workout or a simple walk round the park. 

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