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Top Ways To Stay Safe When Exercising Outside This Winter

Three women running in the night in the city centre

As winter approaches and the clocks are set to change it is important to think about how you may need to adapt your activities to ensure you stay safe.

Dark evenings and the unforgiving British weather can mean a drop off in those participating in outdoor activities, for women in particular, but there are many ways to ensure your fitness goals need not be put on hold.

Here are some top tips to ensure you have a safe winter:

  1. Run in a group – It was reported by the Office Of National Statistics that 82% of women felt unsafe in an open space or park after dark. This will have a direct impact on women being active outdoors. We recommend doing your walk, run or cycle with friends or an organised club/group. This will also help you stay motivated and accountable towards your fitness goals. 
  1. Be seen –  Being visible to other road users is imperative, in helping reduce accidents in the winter. Ensure you avoid wearing black and keep yourself seen by others. Body lights will also help you light up the road ahead to avoid any uneven terrain, potholes and curbs. Choosing a better lit route or wearing a light will also help you reduce chances of accidents. 
  1. Move indoors – when adverse weather hits, sometimes you need to outweigh the risk of heading outdoors or participating in an indoor alternative. There are several great options to stay fit this winter that don’t involve you needing to brace the snow, rain or sleet. These include indoor cycling options, treadmills, fitness classes, swimming sessions and yoga/pilates that are great alternatives to staying fit during those really tough winter evenings.
  1. Wrap up – If you do decide to go outside. Make sure you wrap up. Being too warm is better than being too cold when exercising in the winter, this will help prevent injury from strained and sprained muscles. Investing in a good ventilated outdoor jacket will allow your body to stay warm whilst allowing the sweat to be wicked away. 
  1. Safety technology – Technology advancements now allow your friends and family to track where you are. Gone are the days of telling somebody where you are going, now they can actually track you. If this isn’t for you, then simply telling somebody where you are going and when you have returned is better than nothing! 

Best way to find running groups in the UK

Run together is a social running programme, aimed to help more people get into running in a fun, supportive and inclusive atmosphere. A great place to start when looking for local groups and clubs in your area. 

Best light for outdoor activities 

NightVision Light RRP £34.50 

The Bodylite NightVision light is a lightweight light with a wide-angle illumination, providing clear visibility of your surroundings without any shaking or bouncing.

The light is adaptable and compatible to many of the Bodylite’s product range meaning it is a cost effective way for people to remain safe during the darker seasons.

Best indoor cycling trainer 

Wattbike Atom – £2399.00, available on 0% finance 

A great option when adverse weather hits – the Wattbike Atom is a sleek exercise option for the modern home. Featuring full connectivity to popular third party apps like Zwift, it also comes equipped with the free Wattbike Hub App, featuring hundreds of workouts, expertly crafted by the most experienced athletes and coaches. 

Best winter jacket for runners and walkers 

NightVision Jacket – £86.00

The Bodylite Night Vision jacket is a perfect option for running or walking this winter. The main body is water resistant with increased airflow from the under arm/side body venting , allowing users to stay warm and dry whilst exercising.

It is compatible with the NightVision light (both front and back) – which means the innovative NightVision light can be added to the jacket to help enhance the users visibility whilst also greatly helping users to see the path ahead during low light or zero light conditions. 

Hollie Guard – FREE, or £7.99 a month for ‘Extra’ subscription

Help protect yourself, a friend or a family member with Hollie Guard. Every 5 seconds the platform will update your precise location based on your speed and movement activity to identify where you are once an alert has been raised.

HollieGuard is a personal alarm, deterrent, evidence catcher and more. Providing a lot more functionality than a regular keyring alarm for absolutely anyone who has safety in mind.