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Upbeat Launches UK’s First Clear Whey Isolate Protein Drinks


Upbeat’s hotly anticipated delicious and nutritious clear whey isolate protein drinks have arrived – Protein Hydration and Protein Energy. Fuelling the moment, right in the moment, these are 2022’s kit bag must-haves.

Hitting the shelves at supermarkets nationwide and are three brand new, non-carbonated, clear whey isolate drinks for instant access to essential hydration, body-boosting protein and focused energy.

With busy lifestyles that flex from work to workout, bar to barre, Upbeat’s sugar-free, lactose-free, premium whey drinks promise to help you stay sharper and perform better, for longer.

Whether it’s sipping on the run or your post-workout refresh, Protein Hydration is available now in two delicious flavours, Mixed Berry and Zesty Orange, for just £1.65. Comprising 10g protein, 3000mg BCAA, Vitamin B complex and zero sugar, you’ll be your most upbeat self with a 500ml bottled serving of Protein Hydration.

Hitting a little harder for those pushing their bodies to new limits, Protein Energy is set to be your new secret weapon. Available now in a refreshing Tropical flavour at just £1.99. With 15g of protein, 180mg caffeine and 4000mg BCAA, focus, energy and motivation will be sky high allowing you to train harder and recover faster. Whether you’re a challenge seeker, PB hunter or team high-fiver, you’ll power up when it counts most.

Removing the faff of carrying a bulky protein shaker and adding protein powder to water, these 500ml ready-made, tasty tipples, start at £1.65. Stockists include Sainsburys, Ocado, Holland & Barrett and Amazon and . From label to lid, the 500ml RPET bottle is fully recyclable.

Mark Neville, CEO of Upbeat says: “We are incredibly excited to launch the UK’s first clear whey isolate bottled drinks. As a world leader in clear whey protein for over a decade, we make advanced protein technology accessible to all.

“Our clear whey technology is the clearest, purest, most refreshing way to effortlessly fuel your body. Operating with simplicity, clarity and transparency, Upbeat continues to harness the most advanced protein technologies to ensure everyday athletes are boosted, focused, energised and hydrated.”

With sustainability at the forefront of the business, Upbeat is proud to be fully carbon neutral. Upbeat bottles are made of 30% recycled plastic and from cap to label, they are fully recyclable.

Upbeat also supports projects that work towards clean oceans, clean drinking water and rainforest protection, through Climate Partner and One Tribe.

Energy now, protein now, hydration now. Everything your body needs, right in the moment. Join the Upbeat community today and add-to-basket or follow on Instagram @upbeatdrinks

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