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World’s Most Luxurious and Exclusive Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Centres The Balance Opens in Mallorca

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THE BALANCEa leader in the provision of discreet addiction and mental health treatment programmes, has announced the opening of a new luxury centre on the Balearic island, Mallorca.

Encompassing 240,000 sq ft of secluded land and incorporating two luxury fincas, the centre offers clients treatment in complete privacy and ultimate comfort.

the balance rehab clinic

Founder and CEO of THE BALANCE, Swiss entrepreneur, Abdullah Boulad, has offered high-end treatment in London, Zurich and Mallorca for years and he is very highly regarded globally for the results he has achieved with his unique approach.

Boulad focuses on one patient at a time and at THE BALANCE in Mallorca, can offer round the clock attention from a team of private staff, including doctors, a personal confidante, butler, cook and chauffeur.

“Our clients have the very highest expectations and usually come from an environment where they are under a lot of public pressure,” explained Boulad. “We offer them a protected, quiet and luxurious space in which they can focus on themselves and their recovery. This is what sets us apart from other treatment centres.”

THE BALANCE combines the luxury and comfort of a private villa with the world-class medical therapy of a Swiss rehab clinic.

Clients can expect sensitive, discreet, private treatment for a range of issues, including gambling, sex, alcohol and drug addictions, burnout, depression, eating disorders and other mental health problems.

Boulad added: “We specialise in two groups of people: people for whom accommodation in a rehabilitation clinic or psychotherapeutic facility is not exclusive enough and celebrities who don’t want their treatment to become the subject of scandalous news reports. This is often important for the children of rich or famous families too.

“THE BALANCE is a highly specialised therapy facility for people looking for sustainable treatments for personal problems.

As a holistic treatment centre, we focus on integrative, person-centred, tailored treatment programmes that combine alternative and traditional approaches to achieve the best results. Each programme is as unique as the client.”

The treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of the issues, consisting of a full body medical exam using scientific laboratory tests, psychiatric assessment, orthomolecular investigation and nutritional history.

In cases where the body is suffering from severe imbalances caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or substance abuse, a unique Swiss innovation known as “Biomedical Restoration” is applied under the expert supervision of Dr. Sarah Boss.

In total the treatment programme lasts at least one month and can be delivered in English, Spanish and German. Once the programme is complete, clients continue to be supported as they return to their normal lives to prevent relapses.

Boulad continued: “Mallorca is the perfect location for THE BALANCE as it is easily accessible from Europe, the Middle East and the US and it has a wonderful Mediterranean climate which allows us to offer relaxed outdoor and sports activities all year round, which are essential to living a life in balance.”

For more information about THE BALANCE and the treatments available, please visit

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