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Smart Tennis At David Lloyd Clubs

David Lloyd Tennis

David Lloyd Clubs have introduced the PlaySight SmartCourt the cutting-edge technology that transforms tennis practices and matches into fully interactive and shareable events.

Next-generation technology means no more on-court ‘You Cannot Be Serious!’ moments.

David Lloyd Clubs have introduced state-of-the-art technology into its courts. The technology will revolutionise how players track and improve their tennis, just as tennis fever is sweeping the nation and more and more people are picking up a racquet and trying their hand at tennis.

With match stats and instant video replay, on the PlaySight SmartCourt, players challenge those close calls and enjoy that amazing ‘Did that really happen?’ point again and again.

The technology records the speed of serve, calling the line and tracks technique. It can be used with expert tuition from one of David Lloyd Cardiff’s tennis coaches to really accelerate your game, or alone to help improve performance.

As players step off the court, the SmartCourt session is automatically uploaded to the PlaySight network to review on a computer or phone anywhere, at any time, to playback those epic rallies, cross court winners and comical moments to relive the action and share with friends.

The SmartCourt is permanently equipped with an interactive touch-screen kiosk, plus five fully automated high-performance cameras.

The system uses advanced image processing and analytical algorithms to capture and log stroke type, ball trajectory, speed and spin, in-depth shot data, player movement and more.

PlaySight can turn any mundane tennis drill into a real-world video game challenge whether perfecting a serve alone, in doubles or in a group session.

David Bulgin, Racquets Manager for David Lloyd Clubs says, “We have introduced the PlaySight SmartCourt to enable both recreational and league players to benefit from live streaming, video and data analytics.

We are always seeking ways to connect with the next generation of tennis players – and players of all ages. It is fantastic to have this opportunity to enhance member’s on-court enjoyment, engagement and overall experience”.

PlaySight SmartCourts can be experienced at the following clubs; Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds, Southampton, Dublin, Woking and Renfrew, as well as sister clubs, Harbour Club Chelsea, Harbour Club Notting Hill.

PlaySight is approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as a Player Analysis Technology and is powering leading tennis clubs and federations across the world, including the United States Tennis Association and Tennis Canada.

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