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What Gym Wear Do I Need To Wear?


What Gym Wear Do I need?

You’ve decided you want to get fit but you haven’t got any gym wear. Yes you know you shouldn’t turn up in jeans or that dinner outfit but what do you need for your first session, especially to the gym.

Which Sneakers / Trainers are best?

Whatever gender you are and whatever fitness you’re looking to do ie Cardio or Weights the correct footwear is vital, not to be fashionable as some may think but it is essential you have the right footwear to avoid injury.

Converse/Flat heeled shoes, flip flops are all a big no-no and could put you in line for various injuries, you should be looking for a lightweight trainer with support and cushioning are ideal for high-impact workouts, such as running.

As long as you make sure your trainer is supportive and comfortable you’ll get through that first workout no problem.

What Gym wear top should I get?

Whether you prefer loose or tight-fitting is entirely up to you, as long as your clothing doesn’t restrict your movements. Soft breathable fabrics to soak up any sweat and keep your body cool are the perfect gym top for you.

One thing to note if you are a lady is that you may want to consider a sports bra under a T-shirt or a fitted top with in-built support, this should help prevent your breast tissue stretching and damaging, reducing sagging and stretch marks.

Which Gym Wear Bottoms are ideal?

Shorts, leggings or Jogging pants? Whatever you are comfortable in but make sure whatever you choose has an elasticated waistband, this means your movements will not be restricted by your clothing in any way.

Gym wear should keep you comfortable and cool whilst also supporting you. Breathable fabrics are the ideal choice for the gym, as well as something that you can stretch easily in.

It’s important to feel comfortable in whatever it is you are wearing to prevent feeling self-conscious with your wardrobe choice.

It’s all pants!

Gym goers often put the above to good thought, but no one really thinks about their underwear when working out.

Men need to wear something that gives plenty of support to stop things from falling about and especially if you’re wearing short shorts you’re going to need a pair of pants that keep these things well guarded!

Ladies’ thongs and lacey knickers aren’t the best ideas as fabric rubbing and sweat may cause a rash or some kind of sweat irritation.

Do I need accessories?

Accessories are great, whether used for fashion or for a comfort or safety requirement.

There are plenty of accessories available to choose from. It’s a good idea to research into what and why you need that piece of equipment.

From gloves and belts for weightlifting that will protect your hands and back to bottles for keeping you hydrated on your workout are all worth researching to find what suits your needs the best.

Whatever you choose to wear, it is imperative you feel good in your gym wear at all times. Feeling good will inspire and motivate you to do the best workout possible. Whatever you wear make sure you give it your all and most importantly enjoy yourself.

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