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Elevate Your Style with TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear

TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear

Distinguished Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer, renowned for its exceptional timepieces and precision craftsmanship, enters an exhilarating journey into the world of high-end eyewear.

This new vision exemplifies TAG Heuer’s dedication to uniting performance, sports, functionality, style and innovation with sun and optical glasses that offer unparalleled quality and comfort.

TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear

TAG Heuer proudly unveils the relaunch of its eyewear collection, harmoniously integrating eyewear into professional settings, sporting endeavours, and everyday life.

Avant-garde techniques

Having initially ventured into eyewear in 2002 until 2016, TAG Heuer introduced iconic models such as Reflex and 27°, garnering global acclaim among eyewear enthusiasts.

Today, TAG Heuer commits to excellence by partnering with manufacturer Thélios, renowned for fusing the distinctive identity of each LVMH Maison with the artistry of Italian craftsmanship.

“The new TAG Heuer Eyewear line represents the pinnacle of high-end innovation and design.

Each model upholds the highest standards, with high-performing materials and details designed for optimal performance in all conditions.

This results in an avant-garde aesthetic where the glasses are no longer tied to the function of use, drawing their style from the beauty of technology”, said Renato Montagner, Italian architect renowned for his designs driven by innovation, and TAG Heuer Eyewear’s Creative Director.

With this collaboration, TAG Heuer Eyewear enters a new chapter in the brand’s eyewear legacy, while extending its network.

With innovation, exceptional quality and excellence at its core, TAG Heuer’s eyewear journey redefines industry standards and leaves an indelible mark on functional and elegant eyewear.

Three new lines

TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear

The new TAG Heuer Eyewear collection introduces three distinct product lines to cater to various lifestyles.

At the pinnacle of the collection stands the Pro Performance line, a testament to precision and performance endorsed by athletes and adventure seekers.

It epitomizes TAG Heuer’s dedication to pioneering new frontiers in eyewear excellence, catering to those who demand top-tier performance.

This line blends cutting-edge technology with avant-garde design, providing wearers with glasses that excel in extreme conditions, whether on a mountain trail or on a bicycle.

TAG Heuer’s Sport Performance line strikes the perfect balance between style and athleticism, catering to active individuals who seek elegant eyewear with exceptional functionality.

It offers versatile options for a wide range of activities, from golf sessions to daily jogs. This line embodies sporty elegance, instilling confidence in every active pursuit.

The Daily Performance line exemplifies versatility, making it the preferred option for individuals in search of everyday eyewear with a touch of sporty feeling and technicity.

The glasses guarantee adaptability for every occasion, be it for the office, exploring a new city, or simply going out about one’s daily routine, effortlessly transitioning between different aspects of one’s life.

TAG Heuer’s different lines offer a diverse selection of frames tailored to meet the needs of modern life, comprising of five distinctive designs: Shield Pro, Vingt-Sept, Line, Flex and Bolide. 

In the eye of TAG Heuer’s newest glasses

Versatility and wearable technology are hallmarks of this eyewear collection. The Shield Pro model offers interchangeable lenses, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of glasses for various activities and environments.

This feature enhances the practicality and adaptability of the eyewear, catering to the diverse needs of the wearer.

The meticulous approach to design also places user comfort at the forefront. Each eyewear piece is carefully crafted with the ultimate goal of creating eyewear that practically disappears when worn.

The materials work in harmony with each other to guarantee lightness and a tailor-made fit.

For example, the stiffness of graphite is mitigated in areas where flexibility is required by elastic tendons just as in the human body muscles and tendons work with bones, and the nose pad is adjustable for the ultimate comfort.

This focus on ease makes these glasses perfect for extended wear during dynamic activities or in daily life, ensuring a smooth experience for the wearer. 

At the heart of these glasses are advanced bio nylon lenses, created to incorporate TAG Heuer’s high-contrast Specta technology and anti-dirt and hydrophobic treatment.

This combination ensures unmatched comfort by countering infrared rays, reducing haze, and alleviating eye discomfort and strain.

It also excels in eliminating a significant 37% of polarized light, banishing troublesome glare and ensuring crystal-clear readability on digital screens.

The introduction of precious metal, 24-carat gold and platinum-coated lenses by TAG Heuer is a groundbreaking move to enhance visual clarity.

TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear

Inspired by the world of racing, the deep-drawn avional innovation on Vingt-Sept represents TAG Heuer’s most up-to-date innovation – a significant breakthrough in the eyewear industry.

It introduces the first-ever 3D metal frames, combining the strength and rigidity of metal with a remarkable lightweight design.

This advancement elevated the eyewear collection to new heights of style, sophistication and performance, all while providing 100% UV protection.

The Line model is very unique by the usage of materials such as the Dyneema® textile rope and 3D-printed titanium, two of the most challenging materials to work with, highly appreciated in the realm of mountain and aquatic sports for their durability.

Dyneema® is renowned as the strongest fibre on the planet, even surpassing the strength of steel, reinventing the savoir-faire in the eyewear industry.

When combined with 3D-printed titanium, TAG Heuer achieves a flexible bridge with a unique aesthetic appeal.

The 3D-printed titanium nosepiece is balanced by the Dyneema® thread, making the double bridge model flexible following the micro-movements of the face for ultimate comfort.

This blend of materials adds a textile element to an area that traditionally features metal or plastic components, resulting in a truly innovative design.

The uniqueness of the materials used defines the colours of the products. The mix of graphite and bio nylon gives the frame a unique colour and feeling, just as the texture of the long
fibre carbon creates a unique pattern.

A new aesthetics where natural elements like cork and performance materials like titanium merge to create the beauty of performance.

The absence of glueing or co-injections extends the product life cycle, making repair simple.

It’s an essential design for sophisticated simplicity. Details such as the use of a single screw that connects all the elements arise from the desire to concentrate the design on the essential.

Each design has its own unique features. The Shield Pro boasts elastic rubber frames for flexibility and comfort.

The Vingt-Sept discreetly incorporates TAG Heuer’s logo inside the temples, in addition to its iconic hinge for increased performance.

The Line eyewear showcases bold bridges using Dyneema® textile rope and 3D-printed titanium for flexibility and durability.

Finally, the Flex eyewear integrates titanium inserts within the temples and hingeless, rimless frames, preserving the original glasses’ heritage and adding an element of elegance.

Every piece of eyewear within the collection reflects TAG Heuer’s commitment to both style and functionality, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with avant-garde design to create eyewear that exceeds expectations.

TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear

For the rest of the materials, TAG Heuer Eyewear caters to all weather conditions and athletic performance.

Precision is key, with every millimetre considered for a flawless fit and optimal vision. The range of resources utilized spans from cutting-edge metal performance aesthetics to innovative injected materials.

These elements, including recycled materials such as cork and graphite along with carbon-based compounds, are thoughtfully selected to achieve a harmonious fusion of performance and style, adding to the unique craftsmanship of TAG Heuer.

Drawing inspiration from the aerospace and Formula 1 industries, they are engineered to withstand the most challenging conditions, making TAG Heuer Eyewear the ideal choice for outdoor lovers and athletes alike.

The new TAG Heuer Eyewear launch is more than just a product release; it’s an invitation to explore a new world where precision, sport, and design seamlessly come together, upholding TAG Heuer’s legacy of excellence.

This exciting adventure begins with a simple yet powerful premise:

It all starts with a vision.

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