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The Fastest Runner You’ve Never Heard Of…. A Six Part Series Will Document Gotytom Gebreslase’s Meteoric Rise Into Elite Running

Gotytom Gebreslase in race action

Gotytom Gebreselase has been described as “The Fastest Runner You’ve Never Heard Of”.

Exploding onto the elite marathon scene with a Gold Medal at the World Championships in 2022, Gotytom followed that up with a hard-fought Silver at the World Champs in Budapest 2023 and has consistently podiumed at prestigious events ever since.  

Gotytom Gebreslase SIS

Since partnering with Science in Sport (SiS), fuelling and nutrition have become central components to the Ethiopian’s race strategy and continued success.

As Gotytom aims to fulfil her dream of qualifying for the Olympic Games, “Chasing The Horizon” tells the incredible story of her meteoric rise so far, uncovering in real time the next steps on her pursuit for further glory.

From Gotytom’s village upbringing in Ethiopia, the series explores her daily routine and training life, her immersion into the world of SiS nutrition and its impact on her performance and the highs and lows of an elite athlete, culminating with her preparation and race day as Gotytom attempts to qualify for Paris 2024.

James Morton, Chief Science Officer, Science in Sport, said: “Gotytom’s unwavering dedication to her sport is truly inspiring.

We hope this series shines a light on the devotion and mental fortitude needed to become the world’s best, and how Science in Sport aims to provide world-leading science and nutrition solutions to help Gotytom achieve her goals.”

Gotytom Gebreslase close up

Commenting on the series, Gotytom Gebreselase, said: “It’s an honour to work with Science in Sport on this project, which we hope will motivate others to try and unlock their ultimate potential.

Sport at the highest level is about marginal gains, so knowing I have the backing of world-leading fuelling and nutrition makes me even more confident I can pursue my goals.”

The first episode of the six-part Chasing The Horizon with Gotytom Gebreselase” will be dropping on the SiS YouTube channel on Sunday 4th February, with episodes published weekly before the final episode is released on Sunday 10th March.

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