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Selling Sunset Fitness Tips

Romain Bonnet Selling Sunset7 scaled

Selling Sunset fans will be well aware of the shows 6ft 2 former French model now star of the Realtor show.

We wanted to find out how the star of the show has managed to look so good and tied him down briefly for a quick breakdown of what he does to stay in shape.

Romain offered up these 5 quick fitness tips that have served him well over the last few years.

Find a good training partner. It’s not always easy to be motivated 24/7. And that’s when a good training partner is best. Keep each other in the right lane and push each other when we don’t specially feel like it.

Eating often, like every 3 hours more or less but in smaller quantities. That way you never feel too hungry and eat too much.

You are what you eat, so find the right diet that works for you and be willing to make some sacrifices, but also training. Food is probably 70% and 30% workout . You need to find what works best for you, food wise but also training wise.

Listen to your body. Because pushing yourself is a must but you need to make sure it’s in a healthy way. And make sure you give enough rest to your body especially when you train a few times a week on top of your daily work. Your muscles need rest in order to grow but the body also needs rest to be able to work at its maximum capability.

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