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Selena Gomez Keeps Her Style Fresh With The Cali Remix

19AW SP Selena Inline Cali Remix 0090 e1623702309439

Selena Gomez is known for her classic style, but she still likes to mix it up now and again.

With the new PUMA CALI Remix Selena keeps her sneaker looks fresh and exciting throughout the summer.

While sticking with the original silhouette and the characteristic stacked rubber sole, the CALI Remix features a playful multi-colour design and a material mix in suede, leather and patent.

For the perfect retro feeling, the design of the CALI Remix is infused with eye-catching, colourful twists like the perforated upper in turquoise, black or rose.

Selena Gomez wears the CALI Remix in creme with details in rose and dark red. The CALI Remix collection drops on, PUMA stores and select retailers on August 15.

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