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How Choosing The Correct Running Shorts Can Improve Performance

Runners at the start of race

Last updated on December 13th, 2021 at 11:40 AM

Marathon runners

For those out there that have gone shopping looking for running clothes or even general sportswear, you will understand how expensive these clothes can be.

Some of you may even have backed off wondering why you should be spending such amounts of money on clothes that they will only wear when running and probably get them loaded with sweat.

Even though some may find the option of going for cheaper clothes the better option, they need to understand that running clothes are very different from everyday clothes.

When it comes to fitness wear, there is a lot of technology that goes into the design and manufacturing of running clothes that some are totally unaware of, something that is important in boosting the performance of runners but unfortunately also increases their production cost as well as their final RRP.

When it comes to choosing the right running shorts, there are many in the marketplace today. This makes running for beginners difficult especially when choosing the one that meets their requirements.

Many runners often purchase running shorts just because they meet their fashion requirements, a mistake that they end up regretting.

In my handy guide below will hopefully help you when getting the best running shorts that help improve your performance.

Introduction to Running Shorts

Running shorts can be defined as shorts that are designed with the requirements and performance of runners in mind. They are practical, comfortable, breathable, and a light pair of shorts used by runners.

These shorts are designed differently from the regular gym shorts to boost the performance of the runner.

The best running shorts provide runners with the freedom to move and come in different styles to ensure that all runners’ needs are captured.

For instance, you will find different running shorts are comfortable for people running on different terrains such as roads, trails, or even tracks.

You, therefore, need to understand your running terrain before choosing the right running short.

The Best Running Shorts

There are three types of running shorts for you to choose from. These include V-Notch, Compression, and Split leg running shorts.

  • V-Notch running shorts: These are the most used running shorts among runners. These shorts have a V-shaped cut from the hem – explaining their name. They are popular due to the cut that allows runners to have a wide range of movements when running.
  • Compression running shorts: These shorts are designed using a material known as spandex. They are not as popular as their V-shaped counterparts but are slowly becoming popular. When worn, they provide runners with pressure and a nice grip on the edges to improve their performance. 
  • Split leg running shorts: These shorts come with a cut on the hem and their front panel is overlapped on the back. They are common among runners who want a pair of shorts that can allow them to make long strides when running.

How Running Shorts Improve Performance

They Reduce Fatigue in Muscles

Running shorts especially compression running shorts help in reducing fatigue and soreness in the runner’s muscles.

This contributes to the runner’s ability to make long and fast runs without getting as tired as they would have been with regular shorts.

They Improve Power and Jumping Abilities

Running shorts play a crucial role in improving the power and jumping abilities of runners.

This is important, especially when running on rough terrains. With increased power, runners are able to run for longer distances compared to their counterparts in regular running shorts.

They Help Reduce the Risk of Strain

Using approved running shorts play a crucial role in reducing the risk of strains when running. In addition, they help when recovering from strains.

This explains why a certain type of running shorts is recommended for runners who are prone to certain types of injuries.

They Improve the Oxygenation of Runners’ Muscles

When running, you need to make sure that your muscles are properly oxygenated. Some running shorts come with special designs that allow them to retain more oxygen compared to regular shorts.

This is important in improving the performance of runners.

So in conclusion when looking for running shorts, you should not look at fashion over the capabilities of the shorts that best suit your requirements.

With different running shorts in the market today, this guide should help you identify the ones that will play a role in improving your performance.