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‘Real Men Relax’ Campaign, Shattering Spa Stereotypes And Highlighting Health Benefits

Harry Elrington - Rugby Spa

In a groundbreaking initiative, Spa breaks, the renowned spa booking and experience agency in the UK, has unveiled its “Real Men Relax” campaign.

This innovative campaign aims to showcase the advantages of spa treatments to men from diverse backgrounds and professions, with the support of local champions hailing from all corners of the country.

Notably, these local heroes share the limelight with distinguished Gallagher Premiership rugby players, adding an extra layer of star power to the campaign.

Among the esteemed ambassadors taking centre stage is Tony Lane, the celebrated pie and mash chef renowned for serving the legendary David Beckham at his cockney hotspot, Tony’s Pie and Mash.

Lane is joined by four other exceptional individuals: David Wright, a fisherman from Scarborough; Seb Green, a farmer from Bristol; David Marriott, an electrician from Nottingham; and Alan Ring, a carpenter from Kent. Together, these local champions stand shoulder to shoulder with prominent figures such as former England rugby player Delon Armitage, Cadan Murley, the leading try scorer of the Gallagher Premiership and winger for Harlequins, Sam James from Sale Sharks, Tom Pearson from London Irish, and Harry Elrington and Henry Purdy from Gloucester.

The campaign’s poster captures the essence of the initiative, showcasing’s ambassadors in a captivating composition. From left to right, Tony Lane, Seb James, Cadan Murley, and Tom Pearson radiate confidence and inspire men across the UK to embrace the benefits of spa experiences.

Tony Lane

Tony Lane, who has served up delectable pie and mash for over three decades, offers his personal endorsement of the campaign, stating, “Having worked in the kitchen for all these years, I can confidently say that it never gets any cooler as you age. If a deep tissue massage were available at the end of each day, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second!”

The driving force behind this campaign lies in the well-established and significant benefits that spa treatments provide for physical and mental health and overall well-being.

Despite these proven advantages, a lingering stigma persists around men seeking the refuge of a spa. To compound the significance of the campaign, a recent report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Beauty and Wellbeing (APPG) indicates that the incorporation of spa therapies and related complementary practices could greatly support the National Health Service (NHS) and potentially reduce visits to doctors by a notable 37%.

Abi Selby, the visionary founder of, passionately emphasizes the need to challenge the long-standing perception that spas are exclusively for women.

She asserts, “For far too long, the spa has been considered a female-only environment, and it’s high time we shattered that stereotype. Spas have an integral role to play in the lives of all men, promoting mental and physical well-being, aiding rehabilitation, and extending beyond these realms.

We have launched the Real Men Relax campaign to encourage men throughout the UK to experience the transformative benefits firsthand.”

Cadan Murley, who has impressively scored 18 tries for Harlequins this season, securing his position as the league’s top scorer, highlights the pivotal role of spa treatments in his rigorous training routine.

As an athlete focused on speed and strength, Murley recognizes the crucial need for quick and effective recovery to maximize his performance on the pitch.

For him, spa days are a vital component of his conditioning program, utilizing an array of treatments ranging from massages to steam and plunge baths. Such rejuvenation practices are integral to his routine and significantly contribute to his overall well-being.

Delon Armitage, a former England winger, adds his perspective as someone who has regularly incorporated spa visits into his relaxation and recovery regimen throughout his career.

Even in retirement, Armitage continues to rely on the soothing atmosphere of a spa as a means of unwinding in his daily life.

The Real Men Relax campaign seeks to illuminate the manifold health benefits of spa treatments, as supported by scientific evidence.

Notably, massage therapy serves as a potent means of relaxation, relieving post-workout muscle pain, soothing tense shoulders resulting from desk work, and even alleviating symptoms of depression.

Aromatherapy, an integral part of the spa experience, harnesses the healing properties of scents and oils to personalize treatments, catering to individual needs for relaxation or revitalization.

The inclusion of herbs and botanicals in spa practices further underscores their therapeutic potential, with specific herbs offering anti-inflammatory properties and aiding in the regulation of various bodily functions.

Thermal suites, often integral to spa experiences, offer a range of benefits, from enhancing the body’s natural defences and alleviating stress and respiratory issues to promoting healthy skin cells and rejuvenation.

Finally, the campaign highlights the importance of silence in allowing our brains to restore themselves, contributing to learning, memory, and emotional well-being.

As part of the Real Men Relax campaign, is extending a wider range of exclusive deals and offers for men, aiming to encourage their active participation in the spa experience.

For more information, visit and embark on a journey toward holistic well-being and rejuvenation.