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Puma Unveils Innovative Creative Direction For New Federation Away Jerseys

puma federation away kit montage

PUMA has launched groundbreaking and innovative new football kit designs for its 2021 Federation Away kits to be worn by the men’s, women’s and youth teams.

The kits launch as part of PUMA’s ‘Only See Great’ platform, celebrating the unique cultural identity of PUMA’s leading federations: Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Looking to the major championships and beyond, teams must only see great: in every game, every action, every opportunity. Great is a vision. And to change the game forever, we must change the way we see the game today.

Inspired by the ‘Only See Great’ platform, PUMA reaches beyond the status quo to innovate and craft new creative directions for its key Federation Away kits, blurring the lines between football and fashion.

Each jersey symbolizes the national pride and identity of each nation. The kits are not only for the eleven players on the pitch, the 23-man playing squad or the federation, but for the countries and the millions of people they represent.

To achieve this contemporary design, PUMA reimagined the positioning of kit marques and symbols, elevating the identity and visualization of the country name and flag colors by weaving them into the fabric.

An additional key feature is the federation emblems of the teams has been tonally embossed throughout the jersey creating a unique visual aesthetic.

“Our new federation kits reimagine traditional kit design,” said Heiko Desens, Global Director Creative and Innovation. “Our aim was to create groundbreaking designs that bring newness and energy.

Each kit celebrates national pride, inspiring our teams to achieve greatness at this summer’s major championships. We want to continue to push the boundaries, and this is just the beginning of an exciting new direction for PUMA.”

Wear your colors with pride. The PUMA Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland Away kits are available from April 22nd at, PUMA stores and leading retailers worldwide.

The PUMA Austria Away kit is available on pre-sale from April 22nd at ÖFB and PUMA stores before the global release on April 24th.


Made for millions. The new Italy Away kit celebrates all of Italy by featuring the country name and flag colors in a bright, brilliant graphic alongside the centrally aligned FIGC emblem and PUMA Cat. Navy blue accents add an elegant finishing touch to the white Away jersey. 


Suisse is us. Packed with national pride, the new Away kit takes the Switzerland identity to new levels. The country name takes over the central position on a classic white jersey alongside the centrally aligned country flag and PUMA Cat. Red accents and a subtle tonal repeat of a swiss cross complete the design. 


Stand for Österreich. The new Austria Away kit celebrates community and togetherness, placing the country name and flag colors at the center of the design. The ÖFB federation emblem forms a tonal repeat graphic throughout, complemented by the centrally aligned PUMA Cat.  


This is the Czech Republic. Charged with pride and meaning, the new Away kit features the country name as the central element of the design, complemented by red and blue accents and a centrally positioned FACR federation emblem. 

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