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The Fitness Brand Going From Strength To Strength

stoltman brother with primals Steven Rinaldi

PRIMAL, the ultimate strength and fitness brand, has crushed its own records, emerging as an unstoppable force in the industry with a staggering £17 million in new business wins.

Over the past five years, PRIMAL has witnessed a meteoric rise in invoiced sales revenue, hitting an awe-inspiring £15.5 million in the year ending April 2023. This mind-blowing figure represents a jaw-dropping 400% increase since 2019, showcasing PRIMAL’s undeniable dominance.

As a UK-based company, PRIMAL is not content with resting on its laurels. Instead, they are relentlessly pursuing their ambitious three-year plan to shatter expectations and achieve a remarkable revenue milestone of over £25 million. Their insatiable hunger for success knows no bounds.

Founded in 2016, PRIMAL has successfully amassed an impressive portfolio of high-profile clients both at home and abroad. Renowned fitness giants such as JD Gyms and Energie Fitness have joined forces with PRIMAL, while their PRIMAL Performance Centres have become the go-to destinations for renowned football clubs like Celtic and Burnley.

Not to mention, they have expertly crafted bespoke home gyms for revered sports stars and beloved film personalities, including the likes of James McAvoy, Jonny Bairstow, Jason Robinson, and Sam Warburton.

What fuels PRIMAL’s extraordinary triumph? None other than the unyielding strength training movement that has swept the globe. As the world embraces the immense benefits of weight training, PRIMAL has captured the essence of this rising trend.

Their recent triumphs are bolstered by an unparalleled expansion into 25 countries worldwide, conquering Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa, where they are set to revolutionize over 100 locations for the esteemed Virgin Active.

The visionary behind PRIMAL’s reign, CEO and founder Steven Rinaldi, believes that fitness has undergone a profound transformation in recent years.

Gone are the days of endless rows of cardio machines; now, the world recognizes the indispensable advantages of strength training. Not only does it enhance overall fitness and prevent injuries, but it also ignites calorie burn and improves heart health. Notably, there has been a remarkable surge in females embracing this empowering form of exercise.

PRIMAL’s groundbreaking approach, characterized by industry-leading innovation, has kept them ahead of the curve. Their ability to identify emerging trends, combined with the surge in home workouts, has created the perfect storm for PRIMAL to thrive.

Recognizing the ever-growing demand for home gym spaces, PRIMAL seized the opportunity and unveiled a stunning line of compact equipment that seamlessly integrates into any household. Today, their Personal Series alone accounts for a staggering 30% of their total business.

Steven Rinaldi’s vision is simple yet powerful: “Strength is in us all.” PRIMAL relentlessly strives to create cutting-edge functional spaces accessible to everyone.

With a remarkable team at their helm and a solid foundation established, PRIMAL is now leaving an indelible mark on both domestic and global stages.

They are forging strategic partnerships that will further propel their growth and cement PRIMAL as a household name, solidifying their position as Europe’s premier strength and fitness brand.

Supported by the unwavering commitment of Flywheel Partners, PRIMAL is actively exploring strategic acquisitions that could amplify their scale and elevate the customer experience to unimaginable heights.

Simon Singh, Director at Flywheel Partners, cannot contain his excitement, stating, “Witnessing PRIMAL’s unparalleled growth, brand evolution, and the incredible team behind it has been truly rewarding.

But the most thrilling part lies in the vast opportunities that lie ahead, allowing PRIMAL to make the power of strength accessible to all.”

If you’re hungry for more information on PRIMAL’s unrivalled journey, explore their awe-inspiring world at Prepare to be amazed.