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Ollie Ollerton And Jason Fox Announce Free ‘Lockdown Live Workouts’

Ollie Ollerton And Jason Fox

As the UK braces itself for another lockdown, with experts warning that this one will be worse on our mental wellbeing than the last, ex-Special Forces soldiers and stars of Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins, have committed to doing their bit to help.

Ollie Ollerton and Jason Fox have announced plans to host regular follow-along live workouts on Instagram and Facebook throughout the lockdown period.  

The decision came shortly after the Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday 31st October, which set out restrictions on non-essential retail, hospitality and gyms and leisure facilities for four weeks, commencing on Monday 9th November.

The PM’s announcement has been met with concerns regarding mental health and wellbeing, with numerous experts warning that another extended period of containment and isolation could have damaging effects.

With November also marking Men’s Mental Health Month, Ollie explains that the main reason he and Jason have committed to the series of live workouts is to tackle the taboo and do their bit to help the nation through what is set to be a challenging time.

“The first lockdown was hard enough on people’s mental health. Many of us began to see the light at the end of the tunnel around summer but now, we’re about to go through it all over again.

“But this time we know what to expect. You would think that would make things easier, but it doesn’t, especially not for those who it took giving it their all to get through the first round. It’s both mentally and physically exhausting and with each cycle, our hope for a better outcome diminishes.

“The winter months are hard enough for people, too. The darker days and colder weather take their toll on us and the perception that days are shorter can also effect productivity levels and eventually, longer-term motivation.

“We wanted to help people overcome all of that. Give them something to work towards and then upon completion, encourage a sense of accomplishment. That’s how the live workout idea came about.

“As well as helping with the mental blocks to productivity and motivation, it’s a form of social contact, which many will be missing. We try and inject a lot of energy and enthusiasm in our workouts and hope people following along at home feel the same as they train with us.

“It’s a scientific fact that exercising releases endorphins that can almost instantly improve your mood and that’s our aim. We want people to complete a workout and feel able to take on the rest of the day, as that’s enough in these challenging circumstances.”

The live workouts will be held regularly on the Battle Ready 360 social channels, which is a fitness app and community that the pair have joined forces to develop. While the app offers users personalised workout, wellbeing and nutritional advice on a tiered subscription-based model, the live workouts are free for all to join.

“The workouts will be accessible to everyone. We want to make sure that anyone that feels like they can do with a little help is able to get it. Therefore, exercises can be performed anywhere – even if you’re restricted to a one meter square of space.  

“Equipment isn’t necessarily required, but for those looking to diversify techniques and intensify their training, our Battle Box includes everything you need.

“Live sessions will be hosted regularly to encourage routine as this is one of the best ways to overcome a mentally challenging period. It gives purpose to your day and allows you to feel more productive and satisfied once it’s been completed.

“This will also enable you to easily adjust back to life following the pandemic, as although it might not feel like it, there will be a return. There always is.”

Be sure to follow Battle Ready 360 on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss out on a lockdown live workout with Ollie Ollerton, Jason Fox, personal trainer Sam Laird and a series of other high-level athletes.

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