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New Multi-Sport Apparel Responsive To Heat, Wind, Rain And Cold

two people excercising

By David Saunders | UPDATED: 11:28, 19 March 2020

A new multi-sport collection that uses responsive fabrics and intuitive design to help athletes perform, whatever the weather. has been released by sports brand Adidas.

With a global increase in outdoor sports and training, READY enables athletes of all abilities to train without the distraction of competing with the elements.

READY technology will be put through the ultimate test as Olympic athletes take to the global sports stage wearing HEAT.RDY.

The technology will be featured in the national kits for Team Great Britain, Team Germany, Team Ethiopia and Team Hungary as well as on the field of play for adidas athletes and sponsored teams around the world.

READY apparel uses a smart layering system that allows athletes to build modular sports outfits that address seasonal needs, selecting different pieces that can be worn together without bulking at the seams and which allow for maximum movement, comfort and ventilation.

Noah Lyles Wearing HEAT.RDY

Designed for multiple forms of movement, READY combines the latest advancements in adidas’ performance apparel, bringing together design teams across every sports category.

From running and training shorts and t-shirts to performance hoodies and jackets, the collection features four technology systems to support athlete performance in intense conditions:

The first drop of the HEAT.RDY collection will be available online from 16 March 2020 in adidas stores worldwide with COLD.RDY, WIND.RDY, and RAIN.RDY pieces to launch in Autumn/Winter 2020.

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