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Unveiling Mo Salah’s Fitness Secrets: How to Achieve a Shredded Physique

mo salah liverpool fc

Mohamed Salah recently flaunted his incredibly toned physique in an off-season holiday snap, leaving everyone curious about the secret behind his remarkable six-pack.

Shedding light on Mo’s physique, sports nutritionist Abi Roberts from provides valuable advice for those aspiring to achieve a similar shredded look.

Roberts explains that Salah’s impressive physique stems from a combination of intense football training and a well-designed strength and conditioning program.

Reports suggest that Salah incorporates various exercise disciplines such as yoga, callisthenics, strength training, and swimming into his routine, contributing to his lean and muscular build.

To attain a physique like Mo Salah’s, Roberts stresses the importance of prioritizing strength and resistance training exercises.

These exercises play a significant role in building and sculpting muscles, particularly the core muscles responsible for a six-pack. Additionally, maintaining a balanced and varied diet tailored to support the demands of intense physical activity is vital.

Salah’s meticulous approach to nutrition involves the guidance of performance nutritionists who ensure he receives the necessary nutrients to fuel his training and overall health.

While exercise is crucial for muscle definition, it’s essential to note that achieving a physique like Mo Salah’s primarily relies on maintaining a proper caloric balance.

To achieve this, individuals should consume an appropriate amount of calories that meet the body’s needs while following a regular and effective training program.

By combining strength training, a balanced diet, and consistent aerobic activity, individuals can work towards attaining a well-toned physique akin to Mo Salah’s.

Moreover, Salah’s commitment extends to his dietary choices, especially considering his religious beliefs as a devout Muslim. He carefully selects his food, starting his day with parathas and milk for breakfast, followed by a bowl of fruit if needed.

For lunch, he opts for a calorie-rich meal consisting of lentils, vegetables, bread, chicken, and yoghurt. One of his favourite dishes, kushari, is an Egyptian speciality comprising rice, macaroni, lentils, and spiced toppings. Salah maintains a light dinner with soup, salad, vegetables, and a glass of sugar-free fresh fruit juice.

Salah’s dedication to his craft is further demonstrated by his relentless workout routine. In addition to training with the Reds, he engages in extra sessions of weight training, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, yoga, swimming, and stretching. Salah’s schedule reflects his determination to continuously improve and maintain his physique.

During the season, Salah’s day begins with early morning training, followed by extensive recovery sessions involving therapy and specific massages to prevent injuries.

He also makes use of the club’s gym for optional workouts and focuses on stretching and recovery exercises post-training. To enhance recovery, Salah enjoys pool time, whether at the club or with his daughter Makka at home. His busy day typically concludes around 7 or 8 pm.

Even during Ramadan, Salah remains dedicated to his fitness goals, adapting his training and nutrition to align with the requirements of fasting.

Mohamed Salah’s disciplined approach to nutrition, training, and overall fitness serves as an inspiration for individuals aiming to achieve a similar level of physical prowess.

By following a well-balanced diet, engaging in a diverse exercise routine, and staying committed to their goals, individuals can work towards attaining a toned and healthy physique, just like Mo Salah’s.