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Is the Holy Grail To Maintaining Your Youth Mitochondria?

Mitochondria Graphic

WHAT IN THE world is Mitochondria, a word you may remember perhaps from studying biology at school?

The real question is, why is it so forgotten when it is so essential for the quality of your life as you advance in years?  

For a quick and straightforward recap, mitochondria are tiny bacteria subsumed by our cells millions of years ago; they give you the power to run all the systems in your body. 

Most teenagers at 16 are magnificent, stupid, reckless, and know everything because they are at their mitochondrial peak. 

They have a surplus of power surging around their bodies, and they feel invincible.  At around 25, we have calmed down a bit and are easier to be around; we call it mature, but we are ageing because the carnosine we produce in our bodies naturally, which was nourishing your Mitochondria, is beginning to fall away; you no longer have a surplus of energy and power.

Around 30, we are potentially getting married, having babies and getting mortgages. We have slowed down a bit further, but we are just maturing.  At this age, the body’s ability to produce Co-enzyme Q10 begins to fall off a cliff. 

This is a water-soluble antioxidant, which is hugely important for all of our cardiovascular health.  There is no life without CoQ10; it is that essential, but from our 30s, it falls away. 

When you hit around 40, you keep telling everyone how tired you are and blame it on your work, kids, and life’s stress. It is quite often around this age that heart issues start to show themselves. 

Then you get to 50, you have gone over the top of the bell curve, and you no longer have sufficient carnosine or CoQ10 to maintain and nourish your mitochondria. This is the trajectory most people experience. 

From 50 onwards, unless people are super vigilant, they have aches and pains to look forward to as they increase in years.  So what is the answer?

Protect your mitochondria by giving them what they need.  Carnosine is a dipeptide, which our body makes itself; however, as it drops off a cliff around your early 20s, you decline in vitality.  

Carnosine needs CoQ10 synergistically and biochemically to give it the power to nourish your systems.   However, there is a catch: when we take carnosine over the counter, we have an enzyme called carnosinase that destroys it. So, regular supplements only last about 2 hours in the blood and can do little to support your mitochondria.

As we age, the main areas that decline first are our brain, heart and muscles.  In its infinite wisdom, the body has placed the most significant amount of mitochondria in these areas. 

It has also set the most crucial number of Carnosine receptors in these areas, as it clearly understands the need.

Now, there is a new paradigm to healing.  In the past, if you had an issue in the body, the normal response was to prop it up, i.e., Kidney, Stomach, etc.  So, we take pills and potions to support the area. 

The trouble with this is that once that support disappears, the organ will often revert to its less-than-optimal place. 

This is treating symptoms, not the cause.  Most of the time, the organ goes down, or we become ill because we do not have enough power to run all our resources. 

What is now being embraced and acknowledged by many scientists and doctors is all illness is a lack of mitochondria. All sickness is an insufficiency of power.  

The new paradigm is that if you want to be a Meta-Ager and advance in years with a body that can give you the quality of life you desire, then ensuring you nourish your mitochondria must be a significant part of the puzzle to embrace.

Mitochondrial Rescue is a brand of supplements specifically designed to do just this. With a carnosine that is clinically proven to stay in the body for up to 12 hours as it is resistant to carnosinase.

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