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Mark Wright And Paula Radcliffe Lead Marathon Training Session In UK’s Least Active Town

Paula Radcliffe and Mark Wright

TV personality Mark Wright and world record-breaking long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe visited Brighton today to help bring the community together to take steps towards a healthier, more active lifestyle. 

Mark is in the final stages of his training for the TCS London Marathon on October 2nd, which he is participating in as the leader of FLORA’s Get Towns Active campaign. Three-time London Marathon winner, Paula Radcliffe, has been mentoring Mark and was on hand to provide expert mentoring and advice. 

Mark Wright And Paula Radcliffe

The pair were in Brighton after the city was named the least active in the UK and Ireland by FLORA’s Annual Active Towns Report, with the aim being to help bring the community together to take steps towards a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Despite Brighton being bottom of the table, the report found that the average time people spend being active in the city has increased to 46 minutes per day, with locals increasing their activity levels from 41 minutes per day in 2021 to 43 minutes in 2022. 

Mark and Paula were joined at Withdean Stadium by members of FLORA’s Get Towns Active ‘Activists’, a community of fitness, food and family influencers from across the UK & Ireland.

Paula Radcliffe and Mark Wright with John Mulvey

They have been providing the nation with tips and tricks on how to help the whole family take natural steps to get active, including choosing their own ‘marathon’ – which might be simply walking to school – as well as preparing food to support their active lifestyle.

Also lacing up their running shoes were Brighton & Hove Women’s Running Club and Burgess Hill Runners, local running clubs from the Brighton area. 

As part of his role running for FLORA, Mark hopes that Get Towns Active will encourage the public to join in the movement and get active, whether that’s taking the first step or the ten thousandths.

He will be continuing to share his training progress on his Instagram channel in the final days before the TCS London Marathon, while the Activists will inspire the nation with engaging social content. 

Mark Wright commented: “It’s been a long and tough training journey to get in shape for the TCS London Marathon, but I’m pleased that we’ve been able to use this opportunity to visit Brighton and bring the community together in getting active.

I saw that Brighton was bottom of the table, but I think there’s a lot to be positive about considering the average time the nation has spent being active has increased nearly everywhere across the board. I know Brighton is such a vibrant, active place that I wouldn’t be surprised if they shot up the table next time. 

“Today has also been a really great opportunity to catch up with Paula and get some incredibly helpful last-minute tips that will be useful on the big day this weekend.

I’m getting a little nervous now, but also excited because I know how amazing the London Marathon community is and how they’ll help all of us runners get across the finish line.” 

Paula Radcliffe commented: “The FLORA Runalong has been a brilliant opportunity to meet some of FLORA’s incredible Activists and see all the hard work they’ve been doing in encouraging their followers to take steps towards being more active. It’s been so much fun getting to know them and having the chance to do some training here in Brighton. 

“Mark has been great during these months of training, we’ve kept in touch throughout and he’s been asking me loads of questions on how to manage and navigate it – he’s really keen to learn and is taking it incredibly seriously.

One of the things we’ve been discussing most is pre- and post-marathon refuelling, bringing more healthy fats into his diet with food like Flora on toast.” 

“I’m really looking forward to seeing Mark cross that finish line on Sunday, and the same goes for all of the FLORA Get Towns Active Activists and for everyone who is taking part this year.” 

John Mulvey, Head of Marketing at FLORA, commented: “It was important for us to be able to visit Brighton today to hold the Runalong, not because they placed last in the FLORA Annual Active Towns Report, but more by means of encouragement for the community and to celebrate the fact that they are being more active than last year. 

“With all of the towns across the nations increasing their average activity time, it’s clear that the UK and Ireland are on the right trajectory for getting more active and living healthier lifestyles.

It’s incredibly positive news and something FLORA are proud to have been tracking over the past few years, so we wanted to really emphasise that lovely message to the people of Brighton.” 

For more information on how to join in the Get Towns Active movement, visit and follow along with Mark Wright, Paula Radcliffe and the rest of the FLORA community on social channels using #TeamFlora #GetTownsActive. 

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