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Get Leaner Legs At Home With A Lower Body Workout

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We use our legs so much that they tend to get neglected from our workout routines. Yet leg workouts are the one of the most beneficial to your overall fitness, because they reduce your risk of injuries and strengthen your bone health.

If you are looking for a leg workout you can do at home, Eastnine coach Tashi Skervin-Clarke has shared her 14-minute high intensity lower body burner session for stronger, leaner legs:

·    Start by jogging lightly on the spot to prepare yourself.

·    Let’s lunge! Start with a reverse lunge with a knee drive. Step backwards and lunge down with your right knee. You should be creating a right angle with your left and right leg. Then using your glutes drive your back leg forward and bring your knee to your chest. Repeat for one minute.

·    Rest for one minute.

·    Move on to lateral bounds. Jump to the right, with your right leg landing on the ground but keeping your left leg elevated. Then shift your weight as you jump to the left and keep your right leg up. This is great for working the glutes. Repeat for one minute.

·    Rest for 30 seconds.

·    It’s time to squat. Stand with your slightly wider than hip width. Sit down into the squat, keeping the weight in your heels and then drive it back up to standing. Again, repeat for one minute.

·    Rest for 30 seconds.

·    Knees up! Do four sets of high knees followed by one burpee. With the high knees, bring your knees to your chest four times, two each side. Then drop it down into a high plank and bring your chest all the way to the ground. Jump it back up to standing and get straight into the high knees again. Repeat for one minute.

·    Rest for one minute and repeat the series three times.

·    Make sure you spend some time stretching leg muscles at the end of the workout.

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