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Is It Good To Exercise In Summer? Experts Explain Why It’s Less Effort And How To Maximise Your Workout Gains

runner shadow in sunlgiight scaled

Sun’s out, guns out so the saying goes. There’s no doubt being able to wear fewer clothes and sport the results of your workout regime helps propel you to the tarmac or treadmill during the summer months.

“Less or lighter clothes means your summer body motivation intensifies,” says PT Anthony Mayatt.

“The warmer it gets, the greater your motivation,” agrees fitness expert Laura Williams. “But aside from the obvious perks of doing show and tell on your latest shoulder routine, there are other reasons why summer sweating can feel easier.”

“With longer, lighter days, there are more hours to get that workout done,” says Anthony. “And exercise is much more sociable in the warmer months – you’re more likely to try new forms of fitness with friends.”

Other reasons range from the physiological – like the fact your body warms up more quickly – to the practical, where post-run stretches are just easier in the absence of a freezing wind chill.

And let’s not forget, there’s more to choose from during the summer months: “Lidos become a viable alternative to the lat pulldown; rounders replace rowing,” says Williams.

So, how do you make the most of the summer?

Try everything: “Cold water swimming becomes just… swimming, so look at picturesque outdoor spots to break up your cardio,” says Williams.

Play around with your workout times: 7pm is the new 5pm during the warmer months, so if you need to bump that lunchtime workout, now’s the time to do it.

Use kinder temperatures to fill fitness gaps: “No one wants to catch hypothermia stretching their calves,” says Williams. “So we often end up with tighter, sorer limbs lacking in flexibility during the winter. Summer’s a great time to play catch up on the stretchy stuff.”

Use the summer for your winter strategy: “Spend this time finding stuff you love, that will keep you at it throughout the year. If it’s an endurance test (pardon the pun) your fitness routine will become like a yo-yo diet,” concludes Anthony.

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