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5 Reasons Why Going Upside Down is Good for You

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If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you’d have encountered the, sometimes feared, ‘inversions’. Inversions are part of a whole division of yoga poses – and ones that, according to MoreYoga expert instructor, Anna De Sousa, present their own benefits.

“Going upside down, and we mean postures where you are fully inverted, requires a whole-body awareness and positioning that can change your perspective, improve your brain function and strengthen your whole body.” Anna points out. 

Today, Anna will share with you five reasons why going upside down is so good for you: 

Improves your Posture 

To train for inversions such as headstand, forearm stand, or handstand, your body posture needs to be on point. Your spine must be long, your ribs need to be drawn in, and your legs need to be active. Otherwise, the outcome… won’t be cute. 

We always caution against going upside down by rounding your upper back or with an unengaged core, – it’s simply not a safe way to do it. 

When you’re working with inversions, posture is vital, so going upside down will translate into an improved posture when you’re not upside down. Win-win. 

Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Think about how long you’ve been standing on your feet. It takes us years to build the neural control to balance on our feet. So naturally, when you flip it upside down, not only your body needs to adjust to the requirements of balancing, but so does your brain.

Learning a skill like inversions improves your brain function because you instantly need to be aware of balancing and keeping control of your body while inverted. Not an easy thing to do. 

Strengthens Your Core and Upper Body

We tend to have powerful legs because we use them a lot. But when it comes to upper body strength… this is where we start to see some weakness. But during inversions, your upper body strength and your core are key factors in keeping you safe. 

When you’re standing up you’re effectively pushing down with your feet. You don’t notice because it’s second nature to you.

When getting into an inversion like a handstand you need to do the same.

You need to push the floor away to stay up, and that increases your upper body strength.

Your arms can’t support you on their own, simply because they aren’t designed to do so. Your core needs to help out too. 

A lot of the conditioning for inversions includes a lot of upper body and core strength to keep you strong. 

Boosts Your Mood

If you’ve already experienced the upside-down world, you’ll be familiar with the ‘After-RUSH’! Getting upside down is exciting, exhilarating and fun! 

Also, with all of that blood & oxygen flowing straight down to your head, you’ll get a natural boost and an alive feeling! Conquering an inversion makes you feel invincible. 

Change your perspective 

Practicing inversions can change your perspective. Quite literally! When you flip your perspective upside down, you discover a whole new way of seeing things.

And what’s more, you become aware that challenging and scary things are possible.

This gives you a whole new outlook in life, invites you to be playful and try out something different. 

Getting upside down is a fantastic way to challenge yourself, improve your posture, and stimulate your mind! 

One last recommendation, next time you’re in a class, and an inversion is offered, go for it safely and follow your teacher’s advice. Remember: it takes us years to learn to walk correctly. There is no rush to get upside down. Enjoy the journey! 

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