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Book An Indoor Cycling Safari With Intelligent Cycling’s VR-Ready SAVANNA

savanna zebras

Rolling grasslands, undisturbed wilderness, and what might just be the greatest wildlife show on Earth, all from your bike seat. Intelligent Cycling invite you to ride off the beaten path for the cycling safari of a lifetime. Are you ready?

Watch the Savanna come alive before your eyes as the day rolls into night and night into day in the eternal circle of life.

Here, you can get up close and personal with the wildlife, including meerkats, zebras, elephants, rhinos or – if you’re lucky – even a lion!

SAVANNA joins Intelligent Cycling’s permanent roster of VR-ready worlds, counting Traveller, Exoplanet, Beach, Mineshaft, Polygon, Dinosaurs, Forest, Canyon, Future City, Sea, and Air.

From the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs to sci-fi cities, from the wonders of Planet Earth to whatever lies beyond, there’s something for everyone.

The Journey is compatible with Intelligent Cycling’s entire workout catalogue, and all you need to get started is a computer.

The visuals are generated anew with every use based on your workout, so no matter how many times you return to The Journey, it’s always a new adventure.

Watch the trailer for SAVANNA or download The Journey and experience the magic for yourself.

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