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Huel Land Vending Machines In Heathrow

Huel Vending Machine 1

Huel, the plant-based food brand, has announced that Heathrow Airport will be the home to five Huel vending machines.

Also, Huel’s ‘Ready-to-drink’ products, offering complete nutrition on the go, will be available nationwide across 500 Tesco stores around the UK.

The Hertfordshire-based business first moved into physical retail in 2019, when their Ready To Drink bottles  launched into 500 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide.

Since then, Huel have seen their distribution treble within Sainsbury’s, whilst also launching in travel locations like BP forecourts and more recently into the wellness sector with David Lloyd Gyms and Nuffield Health. 

Huel’s move to add vending machines to Heathrow’s terminal 5 provides travellers with the opportunity to pick up easy meals on the go that gives you all the 26 essential vitamins & minerals, protein, essential fats, carbohydrates, fibre & phytonutrients you need. 

The Tesco listing significantly steps up Huel’s reach across the UK, reaffirming their commitment to offering convenient, affordable nutritious meals.

Speaking of the two launches, CEO of Huel James McMaster said, ‘Consumer demand for Huel has increased over the last year at an exciting pace.

Not only have we seen growth with new consumers seeking more plant-based food that also offers complete nutrition, but we’ve made sure our most on the go products have become available in more locations for impulse purchase’. 

‘As we start to see the international travel market open up, we’re really happy to have our vending machines in Heathrow.

While for those not travelling abroad this summer, our ready to drinks will now be available in 500 Tesco stores across the UK, making it easier to grab a nutritionally complete meal when you are out and about’. 

Huel are renowned for their hugely popular line-up of nutritionally complete food including Hot & Savoury meals, powders and bars while they recently also launched the world’s first nutritionally complete vegan protein powder.

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