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How Much Do We Spend A Year On PT’s


Last updated on November 7th, 2021 at 10:21 AM

Research conducted by discounted online golf shop golfsupport.com has revealed how many hours the average Brit works to afford their personal trainer for one year.

This research was conducted by collating data from The National Register of Personal Trainers and Office for National Statistics.

Golfsupport looked at average salaries from the 16 biggest cities** in the North and South of England and found the average price of one personal training session. Using this, they have calculated how many hours individuals work every year to afford a personal trainer (based on having 2 sessions every week), discovering what area of the country spends the most.

1 in 3 Personal Trainers lost clients due to cost in 2018 so perhaps we should be questioning, can we afford personal trainers?

Golfsupport.com can reveal which of England’s largest cities work the most hours every year to afford a personal trainer:

**Excluding Plymouth as there was not enough data on NRPT.

Golfsupport can reveal that on average England spends £38.30 per session and 268.74 hours working (1,6124 minutes) to afford a personal trainer for 1 year, which totals to 33 8-hour working days. They spend an average of £3,983.85 annually. Based on this, every year the UK spends an estimated £1billion on personal trainers*.

In the South of England, the average spend is £4,095.13 every year. Whereas, the average price in the North of England is less, with clients spending £3,872.57 every yearsaving £222.56 more than Southerners, who have 5 sessions less for the same price.

Living in Liverpool means you spend the highest percentage (15.35%) of your annual salary and the most hours (319.39) working to afford a PT.

Wakefield comes in at a close second, spending 15% of their annual salary and working 312.12 hours every year to afford their personal trainer.

However, if you live in the South, Cambridge gets you the best value for money and the least amount of your annual salary spent (9.47%) whilst only working 197.1 hours every year.

Unsurprisingly, Londoners spend the most per session (£53.36) and per year (£5,549.44) on a personal trainer.

What could you purchase instead?

If you were spending the same amount on a personal trainer as Londoners every year, you would have enough money to study a course at University for almost 2 terms.

Or instead of spending the UK average of £3,983 every year, you could purchase the Black Friday Mega Bundle from Sky TV which includes every Sky Sports channel, thousands of movies, Sky Box Sets, Netflix and kids’ channels (£642 p/y) for 6 years.

According to HomeLet, the average rent in London for new tenancies is £1,665 a month – if you got rid of a personal trainer for just over 3 months, and swapped it for a gym membership (average £33.98 per month) you could save enough to afford 1 months’ rent in London.

A 4-star, 3-day getaway to Berlin in December, including flights and accommodation from Travel Supermarket. This would cost the average Brit just over 4 PT sessions. Additionally, Londoners could afford a return flight with British Airways to Bangkok for the same price as 9 personal training sessions.

*Using the average weekly salary of a PT (£379.69) divided by the average cost per session (£38.80) to find number of sessions per week (9.78).  Multiply the number of trainers (57,000) by the number of clients each trainer gets (4.89) to find the number of people using PT’s.  Multiply the number of people using PTs (278,730) by the average amount spent on a personal trainer yearly (3,983).