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Industry Insider Interview With Founder and Managing Director of Incus Performance Chris Ruddock

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INCUS is a trail-blazing wearable tech company that aims to support athletes with invaluable data insights from one unobtrusive, wireless device.

Founder and Managing Director of INCUS, Chris Ruddock, has always been an incredibly driven and competitive individual.

From the brand’s inception in his bedroom with a rudimentary prototype strapped to his back with tape, to a successful company supporting world-leading athletes like Ruth Astle and Beth Potter, as well as having Alistair Brownlee on board as an investor and advisor.

Read on to find out more about Chris and what makes this brand what it is today.

  1. What makes INCUS different from other wearable tech brands in the sporting space?

We’re well aware of the competition on the market when it comes to fitness trackers, footpods, and watches. But my goal for INCUS was for the device to accurately collect as much data as possible while remaining seamless, elegant, and exciting.

The INCUS NOVA is sophisticated and its central location when worn gives much more accurate data than a watch or footpod.

It’s precise, giving true left/right balance as well as other INCUS-exclusive metrics which are only possible thanks to its intelligent design.

  1. What has been your proudest achievement so far along the INCUS journey?

We support some amazing athletes across both long and short distance. Helping Beth Potter improve her swim performance to put her in a position to then go on to win the eSports World Championships in Singapore has been a particular highlight. 

  1. How is INCUS helping athletes to realise their performance potential?

We may be a small company but we are leading British athletes to success across the globe. We have seen our athletes become more efficient runners and swimmers, peaking their performance in perfect time for some of the most important events in the world – such as the IRONMAN World Championships in St George.

The metrics we measure and the performance insights these give our athletes allow them to really hone their training – we always say “the medal is in the details”. 

what is Nova Run Performance Tracking
  1. What has surprised you the most about the way INCUS has supported athletes?

Every athlete is unique and this presents its own challenges – but this is something that really excites us and drives us forward.

Our support for Paralympic swimmer Claire Cashmore in particular has been eye-opening from a technique perspective. Her disability provides her training with its own unique challenges, but at INCUS we can truly measure her left-right balance independently to accurately assess her swim gains.

This considered it’s been a fascinating journey and has not only helped Claire to achieve more, it’s also helped us to grow as a company.

  1. What new innovations lay on the horizon for INCUS?

The coming months will see us accelerate developments of our breakthrough INCUS | NOVA device and platform and to launch its highly anticipated predictive analytics insights for swimmers and runners.

We also aim to branch out and launch cycling analytics – completing the trifecta of data available for swimmers, cyclists, runners, and multisport athletes.

  1. What’s your ultimate goal for INCUS and its athletes?

Our goal is, and always has been, to support athletes to become the best version of themselves possible.

We aim to do this by increasing the range of data and analysis available in order to understand more than just their training metrics – we’ll be diving into recovery and dietary impact on their performance as well.

We’re also looking to develop live performance metrics and analysis during races, which is hugely exciting and will completely change the game for competitive athletes.

  1. Who would be your dream athlete to add to the roster of INCUS Enabled Athletes?

Working with Alistair Brownlee already has been a highlight, especially with the sub-7 attempt. We love the idea of working with Norwegians like Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden as they are so data-driven and precise in their training – it’s no wonder they’re the best athletes in the world at the moment.