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How To Keep Your Fitness Motivation Going

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You’ve made the commitment, upped your exercise and even extended the new you to what you eat and avoiding all the temptations and bad influences. But, if you’re like most of the population, you’ll start to struggle to keep the momentum going.

In this age of big data and expensive product choices, some self-knowledge will help you succeed in your continued journey – and it’s totally accessible and free.

Applying some simple principles of sports science will help you enjoy your workout more and achieve your goals. Key findings from the last six years of study can show you how your mind and bodywork.

Are you an ‘involver’ or a ‘visionary’?

When it comes to how your mind works, the population can generally be split between ‘involvers’ and ‘visionaries’. Knowing which type you are will keep you happy in your pursuits.

If you’re an involver then you’re more about action, being creative, sociable and energetic so choose activities that have focus, match your high levels of energy and where you can compete against worthy competitors. You will be motivated by social interaction in a lively environment and you need a reward for your performance.

If you’re a visionary then you’re democratic, inquisitive, analytical and inclusive and are best suited to activities that are technical and require intellectual challenge. You will prefer ordered activities in a well-ordered environment and when you have the time to prepare yourself adequately.

Are you ‘finesse’ or ‘power’?

Systems in your body play major roles in the reception and transmission of signals that provide your functionality. This is not a preference expressed by the mind; it’s the way you are made.

It does manifest itself in how you do like to function because you are more adept at doing it; so you’ll have a tendency to be either finesse or power

If you’re finesse then you will like endurance, rhythm, co-ordination and agility so choose complex activities which require control, technique and posture. You’ll also like longer workouts or training sets to develop your rhythm and get into your ‘sweet spot’.

If you’re power then it’s all about the explosion, intensity and acceleration so choose activities with fast tempos where you can build up to your maximum. You will find short, sharp sets which can be repeated will float your boat.

Are you ‘natural’ or ‘masterful?

We’re all given genetic gifts at birth and you’ll either be a ‘natural’ and easily be able to apply your genetics or ‘masterful’ and will have to work at it. Whilst naturals form less than 20% of the population, history tells us that both naturals and masterful win the Olympic gold medals in equal proportions.

As a natural, activities needing agility and co-ordination will best suit you along with a relaxed environment so you can just go about applying your given talents.

As a masterful, you will like an environment where you can work on all aspects in a constructive way on varied and wide ranging activities. You have a marvellous work ethic so you will welcome opportunities to use it.

Applying what you know about yourself is probably the most potent ingredient in the recipe of you achieving your own success, whether it be working out happy or achieving as an elite athlete

“sports behaviour is the most overlooked part of an athlete’s game plan and has had a really positive impact on my squad”Kevin Brooks, British Swimming Coach.

Tony Lewis is the author of ‘How Champions Achieve’ and founder of, a sports science based company helping elite athletes and teams achieve through the understanding of how the mind and body works.

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