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Fitness Interactive Set To Spearhead Connected Fitness Revolution

FITBAG is the first Connected Fitness MMA and boxing training system built around a punchbag

Innovative fitness and technology business Fitness Interactive Ltd. has launched a pioneering new interactive workout system, designed to mimic combat sports, in a bid to join the likes of Peloton, ClassPass and Strava in a share of the burgeoning multi-billion pound ‘Connected Fitness’ industry.  

Connected Fitness is the application of digital technology to sports, fitness and wellness equipment and activities, using a “smart” mix of hardware, software, and content. 

By 2025 the industry is projected to be worth $5.96 billion. Experts predict that it looks set to do to the traditional fitness industry what Netflix did to Blockbuster Video in the film rental sector.

Connected Fitness was already a fast-growing industry before the advent of the pandemic; however, the temporary closure of gyms, and the quarantining of people to their homes during lockdowns, is thought to have accelerated the adoption of this high-tech, home-based fitness phenomenon.

Joining the Connected Fitness revolution, Aberystwyth-based company, Fitness Interactive, has launched its highly original, patented FITBAG system to bring a new dimension to both home and gym-based workouts.

Developed with support from sports scientists, computer gaming experts, and fight professionals, FITBAG is the first Connected Fitness, MMA and boxing training system, built around a punchbag. 

Utilizing voice activisation, FITBAG fuses sports science with gaming technology to develop muscle memory and stamina.

The aim of the system is to improve the skill, speed, accuracy and stamina of its users, and help drive athletes of all sports and abilities to higher levels of performance. 

The FITBAG system’s highly addictive user experience and gameplay encourage participants to compete with their own personal bests – and other FITBAG users around the world – enabling them to see very clearly defined measurable improvements. 

It is designed to be used by everyone – of any fitness level – from novices to professional athletes, at any age. It also allows friends and family members to compete against each other at boxing or mixed martial arts without getting hit.

The system’s app, which is compatible with all smart devices, gives users individual leader boards showing the power, speed and accuracy of their hits against combinations of drills shouted out by the FITBAG virtual coach. The system also includes the option of mentoring support and advice from specially trained real-life FITBAG personal trainers.

Ken Bird, founder of Fitness Interactive and developer of the FITBAG system, said:

“Connected Fitness is the future of the fitness industry. It combines the addictive gameplay of computer gaming with all the health and wellbeing benefits you get from a fitness workout. It also allows you to engage with like-minded people in an online community, helping you improve your own health and performance. 

“FITBAG is a unique boxing and mixed martial arts connected fitness system which consists of a punchbag wrapped in an interactive sleeve. The app accurately records where and how fast and hard you hit the bag. It allows users of any age or ability to access the very best coaches and compete with other FITBAG users – in your own home, local gym or around the world. 

“It’s also great fun and very cathartic. The system’s high intensity interval training drills are a great way to burn calories at the same time as working out life’s frustrations.”

To find out more about FITBAG, visit

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