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How To Stick To Your Fitness Goals In 2022

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It’s that time of year again to turn your attention to the new year. Many people always have fitness in the forefront of their goals but by Easter, their plans are abandoned as busy lifestyles have taken over.

Exercise not only helps you to lose the extra pounds you might’ve put on for the festive period, but it promotes a positive mindset.

Strength training is a great way to stay healthy, strong, and flexible. It prevents injuries and leaves you feeling good inside and out.

Becoming stronger will improve your posture, balance, and coordination. Your flexibility and muscle endurance will increase as well.

Luckily, now is the time to put measures in place which will help you to achieve your fitness milestones for 2022.

Joanna Dase, fitness expert at has shared 7 tips that will help you to stick to your resolutions for a healthier you.

1. Have a structured exercise plan

Life can get busy, and plans can change. For your health and fitness to take the lead, you need to prioritise it. The best way is to adopt a routine via a calendar or detailed schedule.

You first do this by considering your fitness goals, this will allow you to visualise your progress and stay motivated. Schedule in an exercise activity as you would any other appointment.

Consistency with your routine will help you to adapt quickly. Habits are a driving force behind our behaviours.

We do most things each day from habit, and it typically takes 21 days to form one. The best way is to start small and focus on one behaviour you want to improve. Even walking an extra 1000 steps per day can make all the difference.

2. Accountability

To stick to your goals, you need to hold yourself accountable. Either keep a journal to track your progress or have competitions with friends to push yourself.

Having the responsibility to get things done will steer you in the right direction. If you need an extra hand, think about hiring a coach or joining a fitness club near you.

Joining a Curves club will help you to meet like-minded women who can support you in your fitness goals.

3. Eat smart

The best thing for your body is to eat a small meal about two hours before working out. This gives you time for the food to digest and gives fuel for energy during your exercise session.

Choose foods that are strong in protein and calcium such as oats with eggs and yogurt with fruit. Don’t skip breakfast and eat regular meals to create a routine.

High fibre foods such as oats, peas and beans will support your exercise plan. Avoid too many high saturated fats and reduce your alcohol consumption.

A consistently healthy diet will set to you on the path of weight loss but also reduce any risk of weight-related health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

4. Have incentives in place

When you hit each milestone, no matter how big or small, be sure to reward yourself. The reward can be anything from dinner with a friend or buying yourself a present.

This will keep you motivated to continue pushing on and believe in your ability. Rewards will boost your positive mindset and add an element of fun to your fitness plan.

5. Ensure you are ready

Before any plans are made, ensure you are both physically and mentally ready to start ticking off exercise goals. Work with a professional coach and see a doctor if you intend on starting a brand-new regime to see if your body is ready.

The secret to becoming motivated to exercise is less about willpower but rather understanding your behaviour towards habits.

When you are ready, it’ll be more natural to have a positive mental attitude towards reaching fitness goals. It is also important to choose an exercise which brings you enjoyment and have confidence in your ability.

6. Bring a friend

By starting a fitness journey with a friend, it will increase you both to stick to it. For this to work, you need to find an exercise which you both enjoy and have the ability for.

An exercise partner will provide you with a constant support system and inspiration. By working together, you might find it easier to tick off your goal list.

7. Be realistic

A big issue with certain resolutions is that they can be unrealistic for you. Setting goals is a great idea, but only if they’re realistic to your capacity.

To build true strength, the muscle must be pushed beyond its usual capacity. Strong and firm muscles are achieved through progressive resistance.

However, don’t become muscle-bound as genetic potential and body type determine how muscular you can become.

Being realistic from the offset will avoid disheartenment if you don’t meet certain milestones.

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