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Things You’ll Only Know If You Struggle To Exercise In The Winter

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The days are shortening – and so is your motivation to get outside and go to the gym.

If you’ve found yourself sacking off your early morning Pilates class, or that late evening run club session, we know exactly how you feel. Here are some key things you might be able to relate to…

1. Mornings feel earlier than usual

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Maybe it’s the fact that it’s always pitch black when you open the curtains, but getting up for that early gym class in the winter feels like an almighty effort. The bed feels cosier, your eyes feel heavier and the thought of snoozing your alarm is so much more tempting.

2. There aren’t enough layers

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Even in thermal leggings, a hat, gloves and a coat, you’re still freezing your socks off on the way to the gym. Is it socially acceptable to leave the house wearing a duvet?

3. Running is completely off the schedule

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There’s no chance you’ll be found pounding the pavements when it’s dark and cold outside. This is the one time of the year where sweaty basement gym classes actually seem appealing.

4. You’re basically in hibernation

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It’s not just your gym schedule that’s taken a beating, it’s your social life too. You now spend the majority of your evenings huddled under blankets on the sofa watching Netflix. Does it count as exercise if you have to stretch to reach the remote?

5. You keep telling yourself you’ll do it ‘tomorrow’

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Ah yes, that old chestnut. You’ve booked and cancelled more classes than you can count.

6. You have an untouched pair of new trainers by the front door

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You treated yourself to a whole new gym wardrobe in a futile attempt to motivate yourself to get out of the door early. Sadly, those shiny new sneakers have sat gathering dust for weeks now.

7. You’ve noticed your fitness levels have seriously dropped

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Is it just us or is walking up the stairs more effort than usual?

8. When you do workout, you feel amazing

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The days you do muster the enthusiasm to roll out of bed and get your blood pumping, you realise how amazing exercise makes you feel. You’ve got the energy to whizz through your emails and blast through your life admin. Why don’t you do this every morning?

9. It’s just too miserable outside

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Oh yes, that’s why. Because winter is basically the biggest struggle of all and there’s not enough coffee in the world that could tempt us out of bed. We’ll see you next summer, six-pack.