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Employees Want Their Employer To Provide Some Form Of COVID-19 Testing

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Employers must act with the workforce in mind as a top priority to safely ensure their employees are comfortable about returning to the office.

AntibodyChecks conducted a survey of 500 employees in the UK (both part- and full-time) between 18th May and 28th May to understand their thoughts on returning to their office or workplace in the near future.

They found some striking results that can help guide employers in why testing in the workplace in necessary before their workforce return.

Survey Results

How comfortable are you going back to work? (1 being not comfortable at all, 10 being 100% comfortable)

  • 1 to 5: 70.2%

  • 6 to 10: 29.8%

Would you go back to the office tomorrow with in-office health and safety measures set in place?

  • Yes: 33.3%

  • No: 66.7%

Would you be more comfortable returning to the office, if antibody testing was provided?

  • Yes: 54.4%

  • No: 45.9%

Would you like your employer to provide some form of testing?

  • Yes: 86%

  • No: 14%

Do you expect your employer to ensure testing is provided before going back to the workplace? (1 being not likely at all, 10 being 100% likely)

  • 1 to 5: 77.2%

  • 6 to 10: 22.8%

Anonymous quotes from respondents:

“I’ll only go back once it feels safe. Right now I think we’re a long way off”

“Social distance desk floorplans would be helpful until vaccine is found. Those who lack proper office facilities at home (good desk, good chair, extra monitor etc) should be prioritised and be given the option to return first if they are comfortable to do so.”

“Happy to mix with general public if everyone is on same wave length, ei. masks, gloves, socially distance and hand sanitizer.”

“The government should be providing tests and not leaving it up to private firms to do so. Commuting to work will be a huge factor in people determining whether they are comfortable returning to work as well as safety measures at work (eg, distancing, hand sanitizer being made available and staggered start and end times).”

“Most of the people I have spoken to would not feel comfortable going back to work now as they fear for a second spike in covid cases and also they fear for their vulnerable family members.”