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Eleiko and Fitr Training Announce New Partnership

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 Eleiko, manufacturer of premium strength training equipment, have partnered with Fitr Training, a global SaaS business providing revolutionary remote coaching software, to create a free weekly fitness challenge for their global community, the ‘Eleiko Fika Friday Throwdown’ which launches today, Friday 24th September 2021, available on the Fitr Training platform at

Eleiko have partnered with Fitr Training to bring to life a fun, weekly virtual fitness challenge using Fitr Training’s state of the art leaderboard challenges tool, which allows coaches and brands to run competitions and challenges with ease, bringing people together under a single, built for purpose platform. 

Eleiko’s Fika Friday Throwdown aims to give people weekly access for free to a fun, inclusive workout to challenge themselves and to see how they stack up on a global leaderboard.

Eleiko wanted to embrace their Swedish heritage and so chose the name ‘Fika’ which means slowing down and taking a moment to connect with those around you.

By combining Fitr Training’s world-class technology with Eleiko’s immense knowledge and expertise when it comes to training, they have created a slick and inclusive initiative to connect people together through the power of technology and fitness.

About The Eleiko Fika Friday Throwdown:

  • Free functional fitness workouts that are scalable and inclusive for people of all skill level and experience, to do at home or in the gym – there will be three different levels to choose from:
  • Workouts are released every Friday to be completed by midnight on Sunday
  • Every participant who enters will be in with the chance of winning Eleiko goodies every week, with one big stand-alone Eleiko prize to be won every quarter
  • Special guest coaches will programme a workout once a month from some of the biggest names in the fitness industry
  • Designed for fun to get people involved and bring communities together

“The power and flexibility of the Fitr Training platform is perfectly suited to building and maintaining a community with ease,” explained Leon Cassidy, Founder of Fitr Training. 

“We are so thrilled to be partnering with Eleiko who also passionately believe in building a strong community of like minded people in order to thrive.

“The community aspect of our software sets us apart from competitors as we place a high value on nurturing and communication as well as offering a fully integrated coaching platform from programming to finance. 

Joining forces with similar minded people enables us to focus on what we do best and grow our world class platform.”

Polly Tyekiff, Marketing Manager at Eleiko UK commented “We value a good work-life balance here at Eleiko and encourage all our staff to down tools during their working day and take some time to look after their physical and mental health.

This makes the Eleiko Fika Friday Throwdown the perfect way to kick off our partnership with Fitr,”

“Our companies share a common goal to build inclusive communities that get stronger together, and we look forward to working with them to increase the awareness of the physical and mental benefits of strength training.”

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