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Ace Your Sleep – Eight Sleep Signs With Tennis Professional, Taylor Fritz

Taylor Fritz

Eight Sleep, the world’s first sleep fitness company, today announces that Taylor Fritz, the highest-ranked American male Tennis player, joins the company as an Athlete Ambassador and Investor.

This partnership also marks Eight Sleep’s official entry into tennis, a sport that rewards consistency through a gruelling year-round training season with multi-week tournaments, four annual Grand Slams and continuous travel around the world.

As Fritz and other young talent challenge the long-term reign of tennis legends, every detail matters – including getting quality sleep – when it comes to finding a performance edge and winning matches.

Fritz joins an impressive lineup of more than 300 professional athletes from various sports disciplines, including some of the world’s most decorated tennis players, who are already using Eight Sleep as an instrumental tool to uplevel their recovery and performance, including Aaron Judge (Baseball), Brock Purdy (NFL), Jimmy Butler (NBA), Lewis Hamilton (F1) and the EF Cycling Team.

Sleep is quickly becoming the next big secret that today’s highest performers are seeking to amplify to better their fitness and health.

Fritz began using Eight Sleep’s Pod in early 2023 as a way to optimize sleep and recovery and enhance his on-court performance.

He quickly realized he couldn’t live without Eight Sleep’s innovative sleep technology, which is clinically proven to improve sleep quality up to 32% and increase deep sleep and heart rate variability, key factors in recovery.

“I fell in love with how the Pod made me feel since the first time I tried Eight Sleep, it helped my body recover much faster than I have ever experienced during a training block,” said Taylor Fritz. 

“Not only did it help my body feel more alert and ready to perform, but it also improved my mental game, keeping me more focused and sharp during long training sessions on the court and at the gym. It’s been an incredible tool for my game this past year.”

As an ambassador and investor, Fritz aims to further establish the Pod as a key tool for all up-and-coming tennis players to use as they train.

He will now be equipped with a Pod anywhere he travels, ensuring he reaps the benefits of sleep optimization as he attends Grand Slams and tournaments around the world, and as he sets his eyes on joining Team USA in Paris this summer.

Fritz will also be creating content with Eight Sleep to spread awareness of the importance of sleep fitness and healthy sleep habits for young athletes.

“I’ve been an avid tennis player my entire life and I can understand how gruelling the sport can be on the body if you don’t take proper care of your health or prioritise quality sleep,”  said Matteo Franceschetti, Co-Founder, CEO at Eight Sleep. 

“Our partnership with Taylor Fritz arrives at a pivotal moment in his career as he continues skyrocketing to success and the sport itself reaches new heights, proving our commitment to viewing sleep as fitness for the world’s most successful athletes, and developing technology that elevates their performance faster and more effectively than any training schedule or fitness routine.”


The Eight Sleep Pod is the first innovative sleep technology to combine thermo-regulation, biometric tracking, smart home integrations, and sleep coaching to deliver a total solution for enhanced rest and recovery.

The Pod is powered by Autopilot, a collection of proprietary algorithms developed by Eight Sleep to create an individual blueprint of each sleeper: as a user’s body temperature changes overnight through the various stages of sleep, Autopilot heats and cools the Pod to match the body’s natural rhythm, keeping users in deep sleep for longer and maximising time in each sleep stage for optimized sleep.

Launched in February 2019, the Eight Sleep Pod has been named one of TIME’s Best Inventions Of The Year and one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies.

With close to 1 billion hours of sleep data to guide their research and product development, the Eight Sleep Pod is doing what no other company is doing to redefine the entire experience of sleep for the world’s top performers.

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