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Captain Morgan Launches European Championchip 2021

England serve

On Saturday June 26th, Captain Morgan launched the “Captain Morgan’s European Championchip 2021” to decide Europe’s best loaded fries and beverage combo once and for all.

As friends and families across the continent gather around the TV for the big game, food and drink that matches up to the excitement of the tournament is key.

Not only is Captain Morgan on hand to share the best, tastiest and messiest version of the universally loved dish, but it is putting the power in the hands of the fans to find the ultimate loaded fries and beverage combination from across Europe.

Starting on Saturday 26th June, 16 ‘teams’ of loaded fries each representing different European countries are being pit against each other, knock-out style.

Each led by a Captain Morgan cocktail encapsulating the nation, matches are taking place on Twitter polls and Instagram with fans voting for their favourite.

The ‘team’ with the most votes after 24hours progresses, until just one winner is left. 

Captain Morgan has created 16 mouthwatering Championchip dishes each with unique ingredients and tastes from their respective nations, with tips on how to make your own and which Captain Morgan cocktail to have with it. 

Loaded fries ‘teams’ include England’s “English Breakfast Loaded Fries”, loaded with a fried egg, crispy bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage and brown sauce – paired with a Captain Jungle Bird.

Meanwhile, favourites France are represented by “Croque Monsieur Loaded Fries”, topped with bechamel, ham and gruyere before being grilled, paired with a Captain Banana-quiri. 

Impressive performers, Portugal, will look to grab another championship for the nation with their “Francesinha Fries”, loaded with a spicy beer-based sauce, ham, smoked sausage and grilled cheese – paired with a Captain Bahama Mama.

After two weeks of debate and voting, the finalists will battle it out on July 11th with the winner of the coveted “Captain Morgan’s European Championchip 2021” announced that evening. Who will you be backing?

It’s time for “Captain Morgan’s European Championchip 2021”, so sit back, grab your pals, pour a Captain and vote for your favourite!

Captain Morgan’s European Championchip 2021 teams and captains:

FRANCE – Croque Monsieur Loaded Fries & Captain Banana-quiri
Fries are loaded up with bechamel, ham and gruyere before being grilled, and sprinkled with parsley. 

ENGLAND – English Breakfast Loaded Fries & Captain Jungle Bird
Chips are loaded up with fried eggs, crispy bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and sausages. Brown sauce added for extra sauciness. 

SPAIN – Patatas Bravas & Captain Colada

Fries are loaded up with spicy bravas sauce made with spring onions, chillies, tomatoes and paprika. Extra aioli to serve. 

GERMANY – Currywurst Fries & Captain and Cola
Smoked sausage is grilled and sliced, then loaded onto fries with curry sauce. 

PORTUGAL – Francesinha Fries & Captain Bahama Mama
Fries are loaded up with a spicy beer based sauce, ham, smoked sausage and cheese, then grilled. 

BELGIUM – Moules Frites & Captain Mojito
Mussels cooked in wine, herbs and lemon, then served over fries with lots of parsley

CZECH – Paprika Chicken Fries & Captain Tiki & Lemonade
Chicken legs are simmered in a tomato and paprika sauce enriched with sour cream. Shredded and loaded onto fries with herbs. 

NETHERLANDS – Bitterballen Fries & Captain and Ginger

Spiced pork mince is balled up, coated in breadcrumbs and fried. Served over fries with mustardy mayonnaise. 

HUNGARY – Goulash Fries & Captain Tiki and Lemonade
Rich beefy goulash cooking in a thick tomato sauce. The beef is shredded and then served over freshly fried chips. 

POLAND – Pierogi Fries & Captain Rum Punch
Sauteed mushrooms in marjoram and cumin, with fresh zingy sauerkraut and creamy tworg 

CROATIA – Ajvar fries & Captain and Lemonade
Crispy fries topped with a rich homemade ajvar sauce made with roasted aubergine and red peppers. Loaded with more crispy aubergine and cheddar cheese. 

TURKEY – Lamb Döner Fries & Captain Mint Cooler
Lamb döner, spices and garlic then roasted in the oven until juicy and crisp. Topped with a quick chilli sauce and a tangy yoghurt dressing. 

DENMARK – Pølsemix & Captain Paloma
Fries loaded with crispy sausage, spicy sauce and freshly cut onions.

SWEDEN – Swedish Meatball Fries & Captain Sp-iced Tea
Fries topped with a creamy cheesy sauce and miniature pork meatballs flavoured with nutmeg and cardamon.

ITALY – Parmigiana Fries & Captain My Tai
Crispy fries loaded with butter, garlic and a healthy serving of parmesan cheese.

SLOVAKIA –Shepherd schnitzel Fries & Captain and pineapple
Deep-fried pork schnitzel chopped up and loaded onto fries, covered with smoked cheese and ham then grilled until oozing.