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THIS Sport Will Help You Burn The Most Calories In 60 Minutes

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Last updated on June 17th, 2021 at 06:47 PM

Google “men’s health” and you’ll find a lot of information, from ‘this man ate McDonald’s every day and lost weight’ to ‘this 3-move lower body workout builds tree trunk legs.’

But what about the basics?

If you’re a health and fitness novice, take up sport as a hobby first. Approaching sport as a hobby will ease you into a healthier lifestyle.

But, if you are to reap the benefits, you need to make sure it’s worth your while, right?

LiveRugbyTickets.co.uk has done the research to find out which sport will burn the most calories* in 60 minutes (the average length of a gym class) to ensure YOU make the right choice.


Top 10 sports that burn the most calories in 60 minutes:

  1. Squash (886)

  2. Running (738)

  3. Rugby (738)

  4. Martial Arts (738)

  5. Skipping (738)

  6. Boxing (664)

  7. BMX or Mountain Biking (627)

  8. Swimming (591)

  9. Rock Climbing (591)

  10. Football (591)

For maximum results, take up squash!

From the 30+ sports analysed; Squash was found to burn the most calories in 60 minutes – at 886.

Running, Rugby, Martial Arts and SKIPPING will help you to burn over 700 calories in one hour.

While Boxing and BMX or Mountain Biking will help you to burn over 600 – great news for the adventurous type!

Top 10 sports that burn the least calories in 60 minutes:

  1. Golf (332)

  2. Horse Riding (295)

  3. Gymnastics (295)

  4. Table Tennis (295)

  5. Walking (244)

  6. Weightlifting (221)

  7. Sailing / Windsurfing (221)

  8. Pilates (221)

  9. Surfing (221)

  10. Yoga (185)

LiveRugbyTickets.co.uk also spoke with the press team at MINDBODY, a health and wellness booking app, to find out more about men and their relationship with the gym. 

According to their research…

The top 5 reasons why men first join the gym are:

  1. To increase their overall fitness levels (64%)

  2. To build muscle (35%)

  3. To make healthier choices throughout the day/week (28%)

  4. To help their mental health (25%)

  5. To increase their confidence (25%)

The top 3 reasons why men continue going to the gym are:

  1. To increase their fitness levels (29%)

  2. To make healthier choices throughout the day/week (26%)

  3. To keep on top of their mental health (17%)

Stefan Balkenende, managing director of LiveRugbyTickets.co.uk, adds: 

“Whether you take up sport as a hobby to build muscle or help your mental health – whatever it may be – you need to enjoy the activity you choose to participate in. 

Enjoyment in exercise contributes to the endorphins that the brain releases and this has a great impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. And, if you enjoy it, you are far more likely to keep it up! 

Through our research we know sports like Squash, Running and Rugby will give you a cracking burn calorie-wise, but they may not be the right fit for you personally. 

It’s all trial and error; find the sport you enjoy most.”

Credit : https://www.liverugbytickets.co.uk/