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Increase Muscle And Recovery In Two Weeks With These Blood Flow Restrictive Garments From Hytro


Muscle growth and recovery have moved to the next level with the launch of Hytro Blood Flow Restriction technology (BFR) integrated garments.

The patented TechWear acts as a secret weapon for elite athletes and gym goers which is scientifically proven to drive muscle growth and rapidly accelerate recovery. 

The world-first Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) integrated tech is a safe, innovative way to supercharge training sessions.

The comfortable, high quality TechWear features a quickly deployed in-built strap in the perfect position to ensure a safe and effective workout, making BFR more accessible than ever before.

To perform BFR training, a strap is applied to the upper arms or legs and tightened. This allows oxygenated blood to flow into the limbs while limiting the return blood flow. This increases muscle fibre activation and up-regulates muscle-building hormones, leading to rapid increases in muscle size and strength.

Countless studies have found just two weeks of BFR training is enough to significantly increase muscle size, strength and power.

Garments From Hytro

There is also significant scientific data to support the effectiveness of recovery with passive BFR, meaning athletes can feel fresh after even the toughest of sessions. Passive BFR training can be done anytime, anywhere.

By simply strapping in with Hytro, users put into motion a whole series of physiological changes in the body without the need for movement. 

Build Muscle: Muscle Growth from The First Pump

Time to forget marginal gains – this is the explosion of power not available anywhere else. 

The use of BFR is proven to increase muscle size, strength and power by rapidly boosting production of muscle building hormones to break through training plateaus. Use of BFR can result in increasing muscle size by 31% and increasing muscle protein synthesis by 56%. 

Recovery: The Best Post Workout

BFR is a widely known method of recovery, made easier and safer by Hytro. Users no longer need to let injuries or recovery times hold them back, as passive BFR enables fast removal of waste products and inflammation from the joints without movement.

Athletes are able to maintain muscle power and size without pain from overloading the body as BFR increases the deployment of recovery hormones, muscle protein synthesis and growth hormones, proven to reduce muscle soreness by over 50% and speed up recovery by 33%.

Safe: Research Proven Safety

Research examining the safety of Hytro and BFR from Queen Mary’s University has concluded that it is a safe and novel method for training athletes and healthy individuals. The size and position of the Hytro garment strap is safely aligned to scientific research and proven to be an ideal place for BFR training. 

Trusted by athletes: Results Guaranteed 

World-leading Olympic athletes, international sportsmen/women and renowned professional sports teams are all integrating Hytro into their training and recovery plans.

Founder of Hytro, Dr. Warren Bradley, said, “At Hytro, we maintain scientific integrity while pushing the boundaries of BFR research.

BFR hasn’t yet made the jump from academia and elite sport to the general population, which is what started my work on Hytro.

We want to bring BFR training and its benefits to the world, making the technique a staple in everyone’s training routine. The future is here. Strap in.”

The Hytro TechWear range is available now. Click here to explore.