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Fitness Expert Reveals Why Exercising With Friends Can Boost Your Workouts

group of friends in a gym

Embarking on a new fitness journey can be a transformative process, a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. So, what better way to embark on this journey, than with friends by your side?

Working out with friends can be a powerful tool that can motivate you both to unlock new goals and areas of the gym you’ve been avoiding.

Exercising with your closest companions not only adds fun to fitness but also brings additional benefits that can elevate your fitness experience.

Dean Zweck, Product Development Manager at Total Fitness shares the benefits of teaming up with your pals for workouts and how it can encourage you to be your best.

Increased Motivation

Combining both friends and fitness can transform your workouts into enjoyable experiences filled with laughter and shared memories. For instance, that spin class you dread every Tuesday becomes a lot more fun and effortless when your friend is there to support you.

Friends are valuable support systems, motivating you to stay on track. They cheer you on and remind you of your goals, keeping you focused and determined all while building up your confidence.

If you’ve been wanting to improve your strength training, it’s always recommended to have a friend spot you during weightlifting. This not only provides you with a safety net but also enables you to go further than you might have alone.

In turn, it will lead you to become stronger and encourage you to try heavier weights – helping you to take your workout to a whole new level.


Working out with friends also helps to keep you accountable. Making plans together creates a sense of responsibility, motivating you to show up and actively participate.

If you’ve committed to an early morning yoga class, you’re more likely to show up if you know your friends are joining, because you don’t want to disappoint them or yourself by letting them down.

Being able to surround yourself with friends can positively influence your dedication to exercise, especially if you’re working towards similar goals, making it easier to stay consistent with your workout routine.


Working out with friends is a fantastic way to spend time together, all the while reaching your fitness goals together. Being able to engage in shared activities such as HIIT, resistance training or running provides the perfect opportunity to catch up in the week compared to other days when you both might be busy.

Exercising together creates a trusted support system, where friends can openly discuss fitness goals, helpful advice and overall encouragement.

Combining fitness and friendship can make your fitness journey more enjoyable, rewarding and meaningful, promoting physical and mental wellbeing.