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adidas Brings Hi-Tech Reactive Support To New Adizero Control Running Apparel, Featuring RHEON

adidas rheon athlete training

adidas has launched its Adizero Control collection, including apparel pieces with RHEON™ technology, to help athletes reduce wasted energy and maximise their running performance.

The apparel pieces in the Adizero Control collection feature the RHEON Labs® patented reactive super polymer, which provides unparalleled energy control to help athletes improve their performance. 

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Simon Huntsman, Commercial Director and Head of Reactivewear at RHEON Labs®: “In a world of elite sport, incremental gains can be the difference between the podium and last place.

The RHEON™ material ensures that this energy is not lost by positioning muscles into the most efficient position, so more energy is directed into performance. Like running on wet sand, it only hardens under impact, then returns to being soft and pliable.  

“Our technology has combined years of biomechanical research with complex chemistry in a way that will unlock a new world of athlete potential and shape a new era of performance. When we tap into our full potential, we can achieve the impossible.” 

Technical features deliver superior feel at elite performance level

Until now, athletes have been losing energy – and therefore performance – through unwanted muscle movement or ‘shearing’. The Adizero Control collection apparel incorporated RHEON ™ technology to overcome this age-old challenge. 

Expanding adidas’ offering for elite-level runners, it is designed to be a gamechanger for both competitors and those wanting to level-up their performance with clothing that helps them harness the full potential of their muscle movements.  

The RHEON™ material is designed to be super breathable and soft, only activating and becoming tough when support is needed during high-intensity movements.

The secret is the RHEON Labs® superpolymer. Computer modelling was used to identify where strands of RHEON ™ material should be added, to support the most important muscle groups used when running.

Early results from RHEON Labs® in-house testing indicates the material has the potential to control four times more energy than conventional elastane-based textiles, significantly increasing support during high-intensity movements. 

adidas and RHEON Labs® first joined forces to design and unveil apparel with reactive support by launching TechFit Control collection in March 2023.

Where to find Adizero Control apparel

The collection launched 1st September 2023 and will be available in store and online. Check for the latest stockist and pricing information.