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7 Reasons Why Commuting By Bike Is A Total Joy

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Ask any seasoned cyclist and they’ll tell you – getting on two wheels is one of the best ways to give both your physical and mental health a boost, and you don’t need to live in saddle shorts and devote all of your precious spare time to it, either.

Cycling your commute means you can enjoy all the benefits of the sport, without having to sacrifice your evenings and weekends in the process.

Here are just a few reasons to join the bike brigade as restrictions start to lift…

  1. You save loads of money

When you’re not forking out for train fares or petrol, you save an enormous amount of money over the year.

Bikes can be an expensive investment at the beginning, but there are very few further expenses involved in cycling to work, meaning you quickly recoup those niggling initial costs.

  1. You get to keep fit at the same time

It should come as no surprise that cycling to work every day can keep you trim. Pedalling your commute is a great way to burn calories, build lean muscle and gradually improve your cardiovascular fitness.

It’s also gentle and low-impact, so you don’t need to be super fit already, in order to get started.

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  1. It’s often way faster than taking public transport

Especially if you live in a heavily congested area, like a city. There’s no better feeling than cycling past standstill traffic on the way to work, knowing you’re beating everyone else to the office.

  1. You get out in nature

For many people, riding a bike is a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy the natural scenery around you.

Whether you cycle through a local park or your route takes you into the countryside, we can all agree that being around greenery is much nicer than driving through polluted streets.

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  1. You learn to navigate your area better

It’s easy to switch onto autopilot when you’re sitting on a bus or train. Planning your cycling route can be a great way to learn more about your neighbourhood and understand how to get from one area to another, without relying on Google Maps.

  1. You’ll keep yourself and others safe

Not only does cycling make you fitter and save you money, you’re also running a lower risk of getting ill.

If you usually take public transport, cycling means you’re less likely to come into contact with others, or touch communal surfaces.

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  1. It starts your day off right

People talk a lot about runner’s high, but the equivalent cycler’s high shouldn’t be overlooked.

There’s a certain kind of euphoria you feel after a rigorous cycle, and it’s all down to the exercise-induced release of endorphins within your body.

To add to its merit, cycling gives you a fresh air energy boost, which means you’re less likely to have to rely on a large black coffee to wake you up when you clock into work for the day.