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Canyon’s Adventure Hungry Grizl:ON Is The Ultimate ‘Do It All’ E-Bike- Connecting Urban Environments With The Great Outdoors

Canyon Grizl ON

Created with everyday practicality and boundary-pushing exploration in mind, the Grizl:ON is a functionally versatile steed able to access remote places previously out of reach, and it still has enough spice for tackling the daily routine.

Whether you’re looking for a capable and engaging rough-country ride, or a functional workhorse for around town, there’s nothing quite like the Grizl:ON.

Canyon Grizl ON

With its Bosch Performance Line SX motor, the Grizl:ON is an e-bike that promotes active e-bike riding.

The bike is packed with innovative features like Canyon x Lupine Sight Stays lights, a Canyon VCLS seat post and a Fidlock Quick Loader bag, not to mention handy practicalities like fenders and 40 mm of front suspension for increased off-road capability.

If you’re looking for a light e-bike frame with drop handlebars and progressive comfortable geometry, you’ll find that the Grizl:ON delivers new standards of excellence for the e-gravel genre.

New Bosch handling and performance – more pilot, less passenger

The Grizl:ON’s adventure-ready frame is amplified by the compact Bosch SX drive unit housed in a lightweight carbon frame.

At just 2kg, the mid-assist Bosch SX system is lighter than the CX version and promotes active riding for more of a human-powered engaging experience than the full-power e-bike experience.

Its smaller motor makes for more responsive handling and lighter overall weight. And with 55Nm of torque available, the Bosch SX motor nails that sweet spot between light assistance and high torque, providing its peak power with a high cadence riding style.

With a 400 Wh battery plus 250 Wh Range Extender option (making 650 Wh total battery possible) you’ll have plenty in the tank for the long days in the saddle.

For added peace of mind, the Bosch Flow App and Connectivity Module bring a two-stage alarm and effective location tracking should your bike end up in the wrong hands.

Feature-packed for a stand-out package

Canyon Grizl ON

One of the most innovative features of the new Grizl:ON is the lighting system. At the rear you’ll find the Canyon x Lupine SightStays system which sees two built-in highly visible rear lights sitting neatly within the contours of the rear side of the seat stays, providing visibility from all angles even when riding with panniers.

And if you need to replace one, simply undo the aluminium housing screw mount, disconnect the Quick Connector and pop in a spare, available from

Up front a bright Lupine Nano SL headlight illuminates on-road or off-road paths with an on-bar remote, mounted on our new gravel-optimised HB0064 flared handlebar to control the beam setting.

Cable spaghetti is avoided with a reworked Nano SL housing matching neatly with the frame’s cable exit port.

All lights are powered by the main battery and will run for two hours even after the motor runs out of juice. So if you do ever get carried away on your evening ride, all is not lost.

Comfort and Control

Comfort is dealt an ace card with our iconic S14 VCLS 2.0 comfort seatpost. Exploiting the material properties of carbon with an innovative, lightweight leaf spring construction, the S14 VCLS 2.0 with +2 to -10 mm setback takes the edge off the harshest surfaces to keep you feeling fresh and riding strong.

The S14 VCLS 2.0 features across all GRIZL:ON models, apart from the more progressively-spec’d GRIZL:ON CF TRAIL, which benefits from a wireless RockShox Reverb AXS XPLR dropper post with 75 mm drop for even more fun and control when the going gets loose.

The GRIZL:ON comes with a healthy dose of control thanks to our new gravel-optimised 16° flared HB0064 BAR and short 60 mm ST0037 STEM along with a slackened 69.5° head tube angle.

While a 74° seat tube ensures climbing comfort and efficiency with a more laid-back riding position than its non-electrified stablemate for comfort on big days out.

Optional extras

For mounting a computer or a phone with the SP Connect interface, enter our new ST0037 STEM.

It comes with new out-front mounting options from the stem faceplate to hold your computer or phone further forwards, avoiding any nasty surprises from staring at your stem.

If you’re looking to add extras it’s quick and easy to swap out the gear you need for the day’s ride thanks to the Click & Ride System on the GRIZL:ON.

The PowerMore 250 Range Extender and the extra storage coming from the LOAD FIDLOCK QUICKLOADER take seconds to install or remove with no tools or straps required.

Robust full-coverage fenders can make the GRIZL:ON ready to ride in wet weather with their long length providing the best protection possible.

Plus, the front fender is the first full-coverage fender ever developed for the RockShox Rudy fork.

Beyond keeping you dry, the rear is reinforced with a carrier system can handle up to 15 kg of luggage connected securely through the Ortlieb QL3.1 attachment system.

We’ve also worked with Ortlieb for a special version of their Gravel Pack (available from which can house 14.5 litres of gear on each side, opening the door to adventure commuting and micro-touring opportunities.

The DEFEND FENDER CARRIER come equipped as standard on the workhorse GRIZL:ON CF Daily model and is available aftermarket to be equipped on any GRIZL:ON with up to 45 mm tyres.

Choices, choices

With four carbon fibre models to choose from, the Grizl:ON CF has a build to suit all tastes:

The GRIZL:ON isn’t just one of the most versatile e-bikes Canyon has created, it’s your ticket beyond the city limits and into the great outdoors.