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3 Easy No Equipment Required Exercises To Get You Feeling Fabulous And Svelte For Christmas

east of eden pilates class

We all know that Pilates is amazing for building core strength and improving flexibility and joint mobility, so I spoke with Pilates expert Robin Kendall, Pilates Instructor at East of Eden to tell me a few of the benefits, of the movements associated with Pilates – rotation, side-to-side and forward flexion – that can provide some surprising additional benefits.

The combination of deep twists and flexion which support the digestive system by compressing the organs to help move gas through the body, and Pilates breath which encourages us to breathe more deeply improving circulation and gently squeezing organs, can really help fight feelings of distension brought on by Christmas overindulgence.

3 easy to do, no equipment required exercises that you can achieve in under ten minutes to get you feeling fabulous and svelte for Christmas – huzzah!


START POSITION: Lying on your back with your spine and pelvis in a neutral position, legs straight and together with feet pointed and arms overhead with palms facing each other

Inhale: Lift the arms up and forward, followed by the head and chest
Exhale: Roll up maintaining a ‘C’ curve of the spine until the shoulders are aligned above the hip joints and the arms are forward parallel to the floor – keep the head in line with the curve of the spine
Inhale: Pause
Exhale: Roll down, returning to start position


START POSITION: Lying on your back, knees bent, shins parallel to the floor, chest and head lifted, finger interlaced behind head elbows wide

Exhale: Straighten one leg, rotate toward the bent knee
Inhale: Switch legs – maintain trunk flexion at consistent height Exhale: Straighten other leg, rotate toward the bent knee
Inhale: Switch legs


START POSITION: On all fours with hands directly underneath the shoulders and knees under the hip joints, spine and pelvis in a neutral position

Exhale: Draw the front abdominal wall back towards the spine, gently pull the tailbone (coccyx) under as you posteriorly tilt the pelvis, and lift the upper truck slightly towards the ceiling – keep the head in line with the curve of the spine
Inhale: Return to start position

Exhale: Extend the upper spine – flattening the natural curve in the upper back Inhale: Return to the start position