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Why December Is The Best Time To Start Training

farren morgan

You may not realise this, but now is the best time to take action if you have longed to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

We have entered the final month of 2022, filled with holidays, festivities, family time, and social gatherings that ultimately result in fewer people training and more people putting on weight because of the delicious food and treats they have at their fingertips.

farren morgan

If you have longed to make lasting changes to improve your life or want to get an early head-start on your New Years’ resolutions, now is your perfect chance.

People often shy away from training because they hesitate to ask for help and feel self-conscious about making significant lifestyle changes, such as going to the gym and training for the first time in front of many strangers.

However, the festive month of December creates the perfect opportunity for you to feel a sense of freedom because many people often get distracted by the events of the season, which leads to fewer people training in the gym.

During this period, you can develop a fitness routine that works for you and ultimately build your confidence, so you can exercise whenever and wherever you wish.

While going to the gym might be a tremendous step forward, you need to have a game plan to optimise the results of your workouts.

You might be rushing to hit your New Year fitness goals, but having an all-or-nothing approach to your fitness will not get you very far long term.

Instead, if you are looking for lasting results, focus on creating smaller realistic goals you can take today to help you reach your long-term goals.

With consistent effort and instilled discipline, the changes you plan to implement in December will carry through to the following years so you can become active, eat healthier, feel robust, and look better.

Farren Morgan – The Tactical Athlete