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Mindful Movement: The World’s Youngest Fitness Influencers Encourage Joyful Exercise

ASICS Youngest Fitness Influencers

ASICS has launched a groundbreaking initiative aimed at reshaping adults’ perceptions of exercise.

By introducing the world’s youngest exercise influencer team, the ASICS ‘Little Reminders,’ the brand seeks to shift the focus of exercise from aesthetic gains to mental well-being.

In a society where adults often view exercise as a means to achieve the perfect body, ASICS’ research reveals a concerning trend.

While 63% of adults exercise primarily for physical gain, a staggering 77% of children cite fun as their main motivation for physical activity.

This stark contrast highlights how societal pressures have distorted the purpose of exercise, turning it from a joyful activity into a burdensome chore for many adults.

The ASICS ‘Little Reminders’ embody the pure, instinctive approach to exercise seen in children.

Comprising seven and eight-year-olds from across the UK, including Tillie, Hiba, Joash, Imuujin, and Henry, this influencer team exercises solely for the joy it brings.

ASICS Youngest Fitness Influencers

Their mission is to remind adults of the positive mental benefits of movement and inspire them to prioritise enjoyment over performance.

Gary Raucher, EVP of ASICS EMEA, emphasizes the brand’s belief in the holistic benefits of exercise for both body and mind.

By enlisting the ‘Little Reminders,’ ASICS aims to challenge the prevailing notion that exercise must be rigorous and intense to be effective.

Instead, the focus shifts towards embracing the carefree mindset of childhood, where movement is a source of pleasure rather than pressure.

Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos underscores the importance of returning to the mindset of our younger selves when approaching exercise.

Children approach physical activity with joy and curiosity, moving for the sheer pleasure of it.

By adopting this mindset, adults can rediscover the intrinsic joy of movement and cultivate a positive relationship with exercise.

ASICS invites adults to explore the ‘Little Reminders’ workout guide, available on, and embark on a journey towards mental and physical well-being through joyful movement.