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Women Are Driving ‘Fitness 2.0’


The digital fitness boom being driven by COVID-19 restrictions means people are using smart devices from phones to TVs to workout in unprecedented numbers, according to new data from Les Mills.

The group fitness expert behind classes such as BODYPUMP™ and BODYCOMBAT™ has reported a 900% increase in sign-ups to its LES MILLS™ On Demand (LMOD) digital fitness platform since January, as hundreds of thousands of new users rush to stay active in the face of COVID-19.

Women are overwhelmingly driving the digital workout trend – dubbed ‘Fitness 2.0’ – with females making up 92% of LES MILLS On Demand users.

Meanwhile, the science-backed workouts with options for all ages are also proving a hit with families as more than half of platform users (54%) have children. 

“At a time when health is everyone’s top priority, the COVID-19 outbreak is ushering in Fitness 2.0 – an age where people can work out wherever and whenever they want,” said Jean-Michel Fournier, CEO of Les Mills Media.

This trend has been building for a while. We knew that 85% of gym members were already working out at home as well, but digital workouts have exploded in the past few months, with women really driving this trend.

“We believe gyms will always be the pinnacle of live fitness experiences and I’m sure everyone will be desperate for social workouts once lockdowns are lifted. But the digital fitness boom is helping to break down barriers to fitness for people you might not typically see in the gym and that’s really exciting.”

LES MILLS On Demand is currently offering a free 14-day trial for all new subscribers. The platform enables users to stream, cast or download over 900 world-leading workouts at home or on the go, including BODYPUMP™, BODYCOMBAT™, and BORN TO MOVE classes for kids aged 4 to 16.

The platform features the most popular Les Mills programs, presented by the world’s best instructors and supported by expert training guides.

While 77% of LES MILLS On Demand users say they want to improve their fitness, the mental health benefits brought by the workouts are deemed equally important.

Stress relief (76%) and boosting mental health (72%) were both cited among the main reasons why people are using the platform, reflecting the multi-faceted health benefits the platform is bringing with much of the world still in COVID-19 enforced lockdown.

This is reflected in the thriving LES MILLS On Demand online community of 184K, with users sharing their fitness journeys and motivational tips in the fast-growing LES MILLS On Demand Facebook Group and on Instagram. Recent posts have included:

Sam B from the UK: “I am an NHS employee working my ass off in this stressful time of Covid 19 pandemic. At work all we discuss is Covid-19, at home, I discuss with my children the importance of hand washing, and with my husband I discuss the impact of Covid-19 on his job and our financial circumstances.

Thank god for Les Mills Mindfulness…..time to switch off and empty my brain for a short time…..until we get up and do it all again tomorrow. ???? to all our healthcare workers. Stay safe everyone and be mindful of others more vulnerable than yourself xoxo”

Sharon C from Japan: “Today we got word that we will be locked down on our base for who knows how long.

Thought it was fitting to do some Combat to punch away some of the anxiety and tension. I’m thankful for LMOD because although our base gyms are still open, they will probably be closed down in the near future. Body Combat 78 was perfect for the occasion.”

Yamilet D: “This is my fourth week at home and I’m done worrying and stuffing my face! Today I finally got back into working out and I did BODYPUMP #106. It was awesome!

I want to stress that this group is my number one motivator! Your posts showing your amazing results truly have inspired me.

Thank you all for sharing and for pushing us! I’m coming out of this quarantine stronger and looking most fabulous! #myLMODfamily!”

Kat D from London, UK: “Just wanted to say how LES MILLS On Demand has totally saved me since this whole covid-19 thing started…absolutely fricking love it!!

When my 3 kids have gone to bed I get my BODYCOMBAT on…I stream it onto my headphones-silent disco style…turn the lights in the kitchen off and switch the kids disco lights on and start the sweat!!

I started at BODYCOMBAT 81 and I’m working my way back…just done 72. Does anyone happen to know when body combat 82 will be available?”

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