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Wings For Life World Run Set For May 8, 2022

Cheyenne Pahde and Kristina Vogel are seen during the eighth edition of the Wings for Life World Run App Run in Cologne Germany on May 9 2021.
Participants perform during the sixth edition of the Wings for Life World Run in Taichung, Taiwan on May 5, 2019. © Angus Chou for Wings for Life World Run

“The world’s greatest race” will take place for the ninth time on May 8, 2022. A total of 184,236 participants from 195 nations took part in the last Wings for Life World Run in 2021 – more participants than in any other running event ever.

The 2022 run will be even bigger. Here is everything you need to know about the 2022 Wings for Life World Run and how you can be part of it:

1. Download the new App update now and register.

The latest Wings for Life World Run App update will be available in Apple and Google Play Store from November 17 onwards. You can register directly in the App for the 2022 event.

It will be possible to run individually, wherever you are, or to join one of the many organized App Runs in your vicinity.

The special feature of the App, compared to ordinary running or fitness apps, is the audio experience – an exciting listening experience that informs, motivates and entertains participants during the run.

2. Registration for 8 Flagship Runs now possible

Registration for one of the eight organized Flagships Runs that will be held in Germany, Japan, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia and Turkey will be open from November 17 onwards at

If you want to run with other like-minded runners at one of the locations, you should quickly sign up to secure your running bib as the Flagship Runs have often sold out early in past years due to high demand and limited capacity.

3. Global charity run for spinal cord research

Those who participate in the Wings for Life World Run are supporting a good cause! 100% of all entry fees and donations go to spinal cord research and help to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

This is made possible by Red Bull and the partners of the Wings for Life World Run, who will be covering all administrative costs associated with the run.

4. Unique run format: Catcher Car as moving finish line

At the Wings for Life World Run, all runners and wheelchair users start at exactly the same time – 1 pm CET – and run or roll as long as they can.

There is no finish line. Instead, 30 minutes after the start signal, specially designed Catcher Cars start moving and overtake the participants one by one, either in real or virtual terms. For those caught by the Catcher Car, the race is over.

The special thing about this is that everyone is a finisher in the Wings for Life World Run. The starting field is more diverse than in any other race.

All information about the Wings for Life World Run and how to participate can be found at