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Wings For Life Foundation Transforms Clinical Trial Search For Patients

Participants perform during the eighth edition of the Wings for Life World Run - App Run in Orlando

A new website has been launched to help match people with spinal cord injuries with clinical trials in their search for better health.

The platform, funded by the Wings for Life Foundation, the non-profit organisation funded by charitable donations from the Wings for Life World Run, aims to bridge the gap between researchers and potential participants, providing accessible information on clinical trials and connecting those in need with relevant trials. 

Clinical trials are critical to assessing new therapies for safety and efficacy but finding suitable trial participants can be difficult for researchers.

People with spinal cord injuries often struggle to find information on clinical trials that is accessible and understandable and may not have access to reliable sources of information.

A new website developed with funding from The Wings for Life World Run aims to address this challenge, providing information on spinal cord injury clinical trials in lay language and in a user-friendly format.

Patients can quickly and easily find suitable trials and contact organisers directly through the website, while researchers benefit from improved participant recruitment and more accurate study data.

The website represents a win-win situation for all involved and constitutes an important building block for speeding up the introduction of new treatments for spinal cord injuries in the future.

The Wings for Life World Run, which raises funds for spinal cord injury research, played a crucial role in supporting the development of the website, highlighting the importance of community support for scientific research.

The website provides a valuable resource for people with spinal cord injuries, their families and caregivers, and researchers seeking to advance the field of spinal cord injury treatment.

With the launch of this new website, people with spinal cord injuries will now have access to a centralised, easy-to-use platform for finding clinical trials that may benefit their health.

The Wings for Life World Run’s support of this important research tool underscores the value of community support for scientific research and the vital role of accessible information in advancing medical breakthroughs.

The next Wings for Life World Run will take place on May 7th, and participants can run individually with the Wings for Life World Run App or together in several Flagship Runs.

Regardless of running ability, the event is all about having fun while supporting a worthy cause. 100% of entry fees and donations go directly to spinal cord research.

Discover the trials finder website HERE
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