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Google Reveals What We’ve Missed The Most During Lockdown 2.0

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New Google search data has revealed the things we have been longing to re-open the most during the country’s second lockdown, finding that maintaining our physical and mental health has topped the list for an overwhelming majority.

Following the restrictions that forced the likes of pubs, gyms and restaurants to close for four weeks, PureGym looked at what the British public have been missing the most outside of family and friends.

The research itself detailed the average amount of collective searches for lockdown-related queries such as ‘when will hairdressers reopen’, ‘when will cinemas reopen’ and so on. 

What we’ve missed the most

To add to the pressure on the government to class gyms as ‘essential’ and avoid any future closures, searches for ‘when will gyms reopen’ topped the list by a significant margin, with an average of 135,000 monthly searches.

This was almost double the number of searches logged by people researching when the pubs are going to reopen (74,000 average monthly searches), helping to highlight the crucial role exercise plays in the daily routines of so many, especially in the midst of cold and dark winter months.

Hairdressers also featured high on the list, ranking as yet another restriction that Brits couldn’t wait to be lifted, especially with Christmas plans on the horizon.

Other businesses featured on the list, include nightclubs, cafes, spas and theatres.

What we’ve missed the most: Top 10

  1. Gyms – 135,000 monthly searches
  2. Pubs – 74,000 monthly searches
  3. Hairdressers – 33,100 monthly searches
  4. Cinemas – 8,100 monthly searches
  5. Restaurants – 5,600 monthly searches
  6. Nightclubs – 5,400 monthly searches
  7. Theatres – 5,200 monthly searches
  8. Cafes – 2,900 monthly searches
  9. Spas – 2,900 monthly searches
  10. Clothes shops – 2,400 monthly searches

Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer of PureGym says:

“While the importance of anything that has had to close, be it a pub, a cinema or a barber shop, cannot be downplayed, we found the Google research to be extremely compelling when looking at the argument to class gyms as an ‘essential’ service.

In the last month, there’s been a clear demand for gyms not only to reopen, but to stay open. Gyms are proven to be very low risk and we, alongside many other gym providers, implemented all the necessary measures to ensure that the gym is always a safe place to be.

We hope that this data helps to highlight the essential role a gym plays in the physical and mental health of the nation, and that following this second lockdown, customers don’t have to worry about putting their health on hold for a third time”.

With gyms being the most searched for venue, the reopening of gyms in England on the 2nd December is great news for millions of gym-goers.