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How Much Exercise Will It Take To Burn Off Your Favourite Christmas Foods

pigs in blankets photo credits DronG

With the timeless phrase “why not, it’s Christmas?” uttered throughout the festive season, is it any wonder many of us come to regret overindulgence in the New Year when the Christmas weight just won’t budge. 

With this in mind, the experts at Golf Support decided to look into how many exercises we’d have to do to burn off our favourite festive foods. 

After finding the top 15 most popular Christmas foods, Golf Support calculated the average calories per serving to find out how many squats, burpees, lunges, planks, and jogs you would have to do to burn those Christmas calories off.

The Results

The most calorific festive food item is Christmas Pudding at 305 calories per serving.

To burn this off, calculated you would have to do 1,445 squats, 460 burpees, 578 lunges, 29 1-minute planks or jog for 29 minutes

Just behind is the nations’ favourite Pigs in Blankets, at 280 calories per serving.

To burn a serving of Pigs in Blankets off you would need to do 1,350 squats, 430 burpees, 532 lunges, 27 1-minute planks or 27 minutes of jogging

In third place is a serving of Bread and Cheese, with approximately 945 squats needed! Followed by Yorkshire Puddings in fourth place.

In fifth place is the dish that makes every Christmas dinner complete, Roast Potatoes, which would require the nation to jog for 17 minutes in an effort to burn one serving off. 

At the bottom of the list is Roasted Chestnuts. To burn off one serving of this festive treat, you would need to do 315 squats.

Just behind Roasted Chestnuts is Candy Canes, with only 5 1-minute planks needed to burn one off. 

Finally, rounding off the top 15, is the love-them-or-hate-them, Brussel Sprouts. A 4-minute jog will burn this smelly serving off!