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The World’s Most Adventurous Group Travel Experiences Are Available To Book Now Via WeRoad

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Adventure group travel company, WeRoad, has officially launched in the UK, taking small groups of solo travellers to the world’s most amazing destinations.

The timely launch comes following the announcement of most travel restrictions in the UK being lifted and after the company has seen a huge surge in holiday booking numbers. 

WeRoad’s unique adventure travel concept hones in on the solo traveller market. The innovative company, which launched in Italy in 2017, plans and executes the slickest adventure tours around the world, for like-minded people sharing the same age and travel mood. 

All trips are led by a ‘Travel Coordinator’, aka the ultimate travel buddy and companion, who are there to make the trip the most personalised and as memorable as possible.

The 700 strong team of Travel Coordinators is the beating heart of WeRoad, and they are armed with insider knowledge and skills that give travellers an experience unlike any other.

From handling all the travel basics such as managing itineraries and relationships with local partners to building friendships, boosting moods during long transfers, and creating some of the most memorable and spontaneous moments, their base of travel companions make WeRoad’s trips truly spectacular. 

Over 30,000 European travellers have been brought together by WeRoad, experiencing thrilling trips across the globe.

On booking, guests will choose their ‘travel mood’ that best suits their personality from a variety of itineraries: Monuments and History; Nature and Adventure; Beach’n’Chill; Culture and City Life; Party and Nightlife – whatever the travelling appetite, there is something for everyone.

WeRoad’s destinations and experiences are designed for Millennial travellers eager to explore the world and include the likes of driving across the land of ice and fire in Iceland, kicking back on the glorious white sand beaches of Bali, taking a dip in the thermal pools at the Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica and searching for the Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros, and buffalo) in Tanzania’s exhilarating Serengeti.  

Co-Founder of WeRoad, Erika De Santi, said: “Planning travels with friends can be daunting. Itineraries don’t always match, budgets can differ, and travel tastes can also clash.

While some are keen to hike the Inca Trail, friends might want to kick back and relax on a beach in Corfu, and so we launched WeRoad.

“We’re thrilled to be in the UK, it has one of the world’s most active travel communities and we can’t wait to see more WeRoaders having the trips of their lives.

Our Travel Coordinators really do make WeRoad stand out from the crowd. Each Coordinator is handpicked by our team to ensure their suitability and are then put through their paces in an intense bootcamp, where not only do they learn all the tricks of the trade but also how to be the best travel buddy to provide WeRoaders with the best travel experience of their life. WeRoad is not only about travelling and discovering but mostly about people and connections”

WeRoad’s experiences are made up of 90% solo travellers looking to travel the world (without all the time-consuming planning), forming lifelong friendships along the way. Groups are fully immersed in new cultures, eating local cuisine, and staying in guest houses.

To celebrate the brand launching in the UK this month, WeRoad Co-Founder Erika De Santi picks the best ways UK travellers can escape this year in style:

Where to go:

The Americas was one of the first regions to open up for international tourism, kicking off a surge in foreign travel. Destinations such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Perù and Cuba are perfect for post-pandemic travel, offering incredible food, sensational beaches, charming towns and historical remains. 

In Europe, the beloved arctic destination of Iceland was one of the first countries worldwide to open its doors to vaccinated passengers from anywhere in the world. It is a great destination for all year travel – offering the best of both high seasons with warm and cool weather activities.

In the Middle East, all eyes are on Jordan, and in Asia there are rumours that Japan is opening up soon.

How to make the most of travel this year:

  • Revenge travel and reconnection travel are in – book a once in a lifetime trip to make up for lost time and to create new life-long friendships and share unforgettable moments with them
  • Bank your holidays –  make the most out of annual leave days and book multiple holidays during the year. With the average annual leave allowance 20 days, this plus the bank holidays culminates in a total of 48 days holiday. See here suggestions from us how to maximise trips with less days off work
  • Adventure travel reloaded – the next generation of outdoor experiences are better than ever.  After two years of being cooped up inside, travellers are ready to venture outside of their comfort zones once again

All trips are specially designed to meet all WeRoaders needs. International flights are not included to or from destinations, however internal flights for specific tours are.

Flexibility is key to a WeRoad trip as they don’t want to force you to depart from an inconvenient airport or end up with long uncomfortable layovers and impossible connections.

That’s all up to you, your circumstances, and your budget. You are free to choose where to fly from, your preferred airline, and your travel dates – because who knows, maybe you’ll want to arrive a little earlier or stay a little longer.

To find out more visit or follow at their official Instagram page: @weroad_travel