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‘Victoria Beckham Workout’ Searches Skyrocket After Documentary Release

Victoria Beckham

Analysis of Google search data by has revealed that searches for ‘Victoria Beckham workout’ have exploded online by 747% in the United Kingdom, and has continued to spark interest weeks after the premiere of the Beckham documentary on Netflix.

One celebrity famously known for her slim figure is Victoria Beckham, who hasn’t been shy about sharing her favourite tips and tricks on social media for keeping in shape.

Victoria has shared that while stretching before every session, she likes to focus on ‘different areas of the body’ each day, which is fantastic for ensuring you are keeping every part of your body active during a week’s worth of workouts.

Searches for ‘Victoria Beckham workout‘ exploded by 747% in the United Kingdom just a few hours after she featured heavily in husband David Beckham’s new Netflix documentary, Beckham. Alongside searches for ‘Victoria Beckham diet‘ surged 392% hours after the documentary’s release.

Fortunately, fitness and training experts at Bulk have provided insight into why Victoria’s workout habits are a great guide to achieving results and some how-to guides on executing some of the most popular and most Googled exercises.

Pre-workout diet:

A great way Victoria prepares for a new day is by including apple cider vinegar in her diet; even though it is reported that it is only three tablespoons, apple cider vinegar is incredible for keeping away harmful bacteria from your gut; it can keep cholesterol levels down, can reduce your calorie intake and can be a great way to reduce muscle cramps during a workout. It is also an incredible way of increasing energy levels and breaking down fat calories.

The fashion designer is also open about her love of grilled fish and avoids foods cooked in oils and sauces. Victoria accompanies the fish with steamed vegetables and refrains from eating dairy-heavy products; indulging in red meat is a no-go.

Eating too much red meat is a risky business as it can be detrimental to your cut health. This is because it is high in cholesterol and saturated fats. Victoria does make sure to include an array of fish, nuts and vegetables in her diet, which are all great substitutes.

Workout Exercises

It is no surprise that Victoria is on top of her A-game regarding her workouts, confessing to Vogue that she does two morning workout routines to keep her active.

Victoria also trains with a personal trainer, starting with a 30-minute leg workout and an hour-long weight-lifting session, which is then complete with another 30-minute arm toning and conditioning workout.

Another common part of the Spice Girls routine is weight training and consistently executing resistance-based exercises.

Although Victoria is a pro at lifting weights nowadays, there was a time when she had admitted to Grazia that she felt scared of lifting weights, which is an extremely common feeling among beginners.

Below are some of the most common and searched-for weight-lifting exercises that are brilliant for beginners in the gym:

Bench press 

A bench press is a compound chest, arm and shoulder, and total upper-body exercise.  

How to: Start by choosing a weight that is comfortable for you. Lay flat on your back, on top of a bench, with your legs bent to each side with your feet on the floor.

The barbell should be directly over your shoulders while your hands grip the bar slightly further than shoulder width. Engage your core and keep your feet flat on the floor throughout the exercise.

Slowly lift the barbell off of the rack, lower it to the chest, and bend your elbows to the side, away from the body. Lift till arms are extended, then lower the bar again, making sure to hit just below the bench line. 

 How long: Start with a comfortable weight for between 5-10 reps for a set of 3. Increase as strength builds. 

Romanian deadlift 

A Romanian deadlift is a strengthening exercise focusing on your hamstrings, core, and glutes. 

How to: Start with a comfortable weight; you can use dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells. Your feet should be hip-distance apart with a small bend in the knees and your weights ready in front of you. Hinge forward while your torso parallels the floor, remembering to keep your back straight.

Grab the barbell with both hands shoulder width apart, push your shoulders back and engage your core. Aim your eyes forward but slightly down to keep your neck in the perfect position, avoiding hyperextension.

While pushing your feet firmly into the floor, straighten your back and legs, squeeze your glutes and push out your hips when you reach the top. Repeat by lowering the weight between your legs around knee length, all while maintaining a flat back and slight bend in the knees.  

How long: Start with 8-10 reps in sets of 3-5, increasing as strength builds.  

Lateral raise 

A lateral raise focuses on strength and isolation through weights, working the shoulders and upper back. This exercise involves lifting away from your body and out to the side. 

How to: Stand or sit with a weight in each hand with arms by each side. While keeping your back straight, engage your core muscles and slowly lift the weights to the side, in line with your shoulders and parallel to the floor.

Then, slowly lift your arms back to the starting position, keeping them under control and not losing your form. Do not exceed your shoulder line when lifting or lean forward when performing the exercise. 

How long: Perform this move with a weight you can control; try out with 3-4 sets of 8-12, 12-16 or 20+, repeating 3 or 4 times a week. 


Deadlifts are strength-building exercises using weights to gain lower body strength, especially in the quads, glutes, abs, and core. They are also great for hip mobility and stability and a great way to add definition to your body. You can use kettlebells, dumbbells or a barbell. 

How to: Start with a comfortable weight and position your feet shoulder-width apart. Engage your core, squat, bend, and grasp the bar outside the knee line.

Lift the bar by pushing it upwards through the knees, making sure to breathe out on exertion. The bar should align with the thighs or shins when at full height.

Do not bend your back or raise your hips before the bar reaches full height, and make sure to keep the shoulders as far back as possible without leaning back.  

How long: Perform at least 3-4 sets of 2-6 reps if you are a beginner, gradually increasing as strength builds. Make sure to use a weight that allows you to keep your form and technique perfect throughout each set.